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growing up with the name Jensyn, my name was never on any of those pre made mugs or keychains you'd find at gas stations and stores. I was always so sad, because I REALLY wanted one, there were a few occasions when I would've settled for JEN but it just wasn't the same, you know?? fast forward about fifteen years and here I am with a necklace with my very own name! I've worn it almost every single day for weeks! it's become one of my very treasured pieces of jewelry, along with all these beauties by The Dainty Pear. I have three different necklaces, one with "JENSYN", one with "N . J . N" which stands for my husband Nash, me- Jensyn, and Navi - our family. The last necklace is actually roman numerals for our wedding date 10. 11. 2012. I'm so proud to rock jewelry that means something to me.  ... shop The Dainty Pear ... follow The Dainty Pear

this coat I fell instantly in love with a few years back because it reminded me of a Burberry one ;) but I'm excited to say I found it at Forever 21! honestly, the past few years they've upped their game and I love a lot of their stuff, I'll link a few coats I'm loving here that are all less than $100. if I remember right, when I bought this it came in under $60 ;) :) 

isn't this swoop design so pretty??!! 

and of course you know I love a fun colored shoe, these booties I picked up at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale last summer and haven't ever regretted it! I'll link some similar denim and shoe options I'm loving below :) 

Toms booties, linked above // Forever 21 coat // Shop Stevie top, just a few Medium and Large left // The Dainty Pear necklaces c/o // Abercrombie denim

thank you so much for reading! I hope you're having a fabulous week and you can enjoy the weekend! :) 

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