.lumberjack plaid.

don't you just love pretty red plaids??? they get me so excited, I just feel like they're meant to be worn curled up in a cabin, sitting by a cozy fire :) and I think of lumberjacks ;) and back in college I thought they were the hottest thing. funny story, before Nash and I were dating, I was liking this boy in college with me, he and I had a class together and we decided that we'd hang out on Halloween, well I had made mention that I liked lumberjacks ;) so of course he showed up dressed as one as his costume! and yes, he did look good ;) hahaha .... well he never got the guts to tell me if he liked me or not and I'm not that patient so I went for Nash instead. and the rest is history. but really though that lumberjack boy was cute. it's a story I can laugh about at least :) 

our camera wasn't loving the lighting on this particular day so the pictures aren't perfect but hey I really wanted to share with you these outfit details ;) so ignore my washed out face and just recreate this look for yourself! 

_ outfit _

I hope you're having a great start to your week. first week of 2017. woo. 

let's party right?! as if we haven't partied enough the past couple of weeks ;) 

thanks for stopping by! 

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