.smile brilliant.

today I'm so excited to share with you what I've been working on for the past few months, I have always wanted whiter teeth, and have tried, what feels like everything, to get them to look how I want.   and if you follow along on my instagram then you totally know that I am a LipSense distributor - you're probably wondering WHY I'm even talking about this .. ha, but let me explain. being a makeup and lipstick lover I wanted to of course take pictures (selfies ;) lol) of my smile. I was a bit self conscious and so when I had the opportunity to try Smile Brilliant I jumped at that chance! as I mentioned in my video (shown above) I wasn't very consistent during the holidays on my use, I wasn't as frequent as I wish I would've been. I have been prone to sensitivity and was definitely cautious when beginning my whitening journey. I'm still not exactly where I want to be but I'm only one syringe in (I have 2 more included in my pack!) and I'm already SO impressed with my smile! and it's so easy to order more whitening product - I'm positive with continued use I will easily achieve the whitest teeth I've ever had! 

I'm going to reveal my before and after photos soon, but I thought I'd explain a little more about what comes in a Smile Brilliant kit. to get your own teeth whitening trays go here

my Smile Brilliant kit came with 
- 3 desensitizing gels and 3 teeth whitening gels
- with the mold trays and pastes to create my custom molds
- pre labeled package to send back my tray molds
- instruction booklet 

the Smile Brilliant instructions are super easy and simple! it was very easy to follow the instructions and the booklet and information sheets are handy in case you need a reminder on use of the whitening kit. 

making my impressions was easier than I thought too - you have to have quick hands working the paste together, and be sure to press your teeth in deep and far enough into the mold - I ended up messing up on one of mine and had to redo it because my back teeth didn't get far enough into the paste :) overall it was easy to follow and didn't take me very long to finish! 

simply send off your impressions (in the prepaid envelope) and Smile Brilliant will send out to you your custom made trays! now you're ready to whiten! I would definitely recommend (in my experience) whiten at least twice a week for 30-45 minutes each session. *you can whiten up to 3 hours* I kept my sessions shorter because of how sensitive my teeth typically are when I whiten - I did use the desensitizing gel for longer after my whitening sessions to ensure that I wouldn't feel sensitive and it really helped. I'm starting to do my whitening sessions more frequent but for that shorter 30-45 minute time session rather than all in one big session. I have found that works best for my schedule as well as is best for my teeth :) 

here is a little video I put together sharing some information about the Smile Brilliant kit and my experience :) 

now the really fun part ... my results! 
keep in mind this is only about one syringe into my whitening treatments - I still have 2 more syringes to go! (and the syringes can be repurchased to ensure that white smile for years to come!)

my before and after photos

(outside lighting)

(inside lighting)

natural lighting afters :) I'm LOVING my smile

(without any color/gloss on my lips)

(with color/gloss on my lips)

I'm super impressed with my teeth so far and am so excited to keep using Smile Brilliant in my beauty routine! keep following along to see my progress :) if you've ever wanted the smile of your dreams, I'd try Smile Brilliant - I have tried a variety of options for whitening without having to go to the professional dentist (and pay tons of $$$) and this has been a great experience! 

to purchase ... they have varying levels of the whitening kits, some for non sensitive teeth and some for sensitive teeth - and within those categories you'll have the options for how deep your stains are on your teeth :) 

if you have additional questions feel free to ask me or check out their site here for the frequently asked questions .. to read more reviews and see additional pictures on their site :) more review videos ... herehere and here

for sensitivity tips go here (super helpful!)

thanks so much for reading :) I am so grateful for your support! 
have a fabulous day!! 

get 10% off your own teeth whitening kit today with this link 

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*post in collaboration with Smile Brilliant, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own
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.target finds.

target finds jan/feb 2017

row 1 bag // blouse // red blouse // sandals
row 2 bag // dress // blouse // booties 
row 3 bag // white top // ruffle top // booties 

I linked a few more things I'm loving lately down below :) 

Target is killing it right now with their on trend and affordable pieces! I'm seriously feeling like I need to stock up on shoes (when do I not feel this way??! ;) and then again on all the pretty tops! I think if I had to stick to a budget (which I do ;) I would buy this top, these booties and these shoes too :) this bag, and these heels and this top are also up there on my favorites list! 

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.christmas + recent purchases haul.

in this video I realized I didn't even share everything that I have purchased ;) lol. which is crazy!! I can't believe I have been shopping so much ... I'm a tad embarrassed ;) so you'll just have to wait for another time to see the rest I guess! 

I tried finding links to the exact items and I was able to for somethings, but for others I just linked what was most similar :) happy shopping friends! 

thanks for watching!
have a fun week!! 

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.bold color mix.

we've had some chilly days the past few weeks, the ground has been covered in snow and honestly it's been tough to want to get dressed up all cute ;) I'm ready for some warmer temps! I need a vacation ;) but for now, I'll just stay busy styling with jackets, long pants and keeping my toes covered! 

this faux suede jacket I got ON SALE at Kohl's just before christmas and I was SO excited about it, my mom even got the same one ;) it's the prettiest burgundy and the rose gold details are what sold me. I am not afraid to mix colors and prints you know that ;) so pairing the burgundy with olive to me is a no brainer - I added the black and mauve pink to the mix because those are practically neutrals in my life these days. I love how the color story just blends to create such a harmony. 

a tip for pairing colors in an outfit - put the same tones together (a fool proof win!)

for example, there are no neons or pastels, each of the colors have the same level of brightness and warm/cool tone. you don't have to follow this 'tip' it's more of a guideline if you're stumped and don't know what pairs with what. there are occasions when I DO pair together neons & pastels, etc. just if you're not particularly comfortable mixing and matching colors that is a useful thought :) keep your colors within the same tone. 

LC Lauren Conrad jacket via Kohl's // Aeropostale denim // Via Spiga heels // J.Crew lace tank // Target sunglasses 

shop my look below :) 

thank you for all your support and for reading today :) I hope you try out mixing colors together and tag me in any pictures you post - I'd love to see your outfits! 

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.what we found at walmart.

so excited to share this cute video with you guys today! 
Kenzie (my cute sister) and I went to walmart a couple weeks ago and tried making a vlog- but totally got caught with our camera and had to put it away ;) lame.... so we decided to share our haul with you! we found some adorable little things, usually target gets all our money, so we thought we'd check out the competition to see if there was anything good. there was. of course. lol. so yeah, enjoy! 

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.bombers n' blooms.

this outfit is one that I've been SO excited to share with you! can you all guess why??? ;) 

... the stripes and blooms. ;) nah, it's the shoes! jk. you caught me. it IS the stripes and blooms. I have this thing with floral prints and stripes that I just CANNOT stop buying and wearing them, my obsession with them is UNREAL. my home is decorated with stripes and flowers - basically head to toe. I'm pretty lucky I have a husband that doesn't mind, too much ;) 

my bomber jacket I found at Target months ago, and seriously the weather just hasn't been warm enough that I could wear it. pairing it with a turtleneck seemed like the best option for staying cozy without wearing a coat over. the bomber was one the trendiest jacket silhouettes last year and with the 80's and 90's trends still going strong, the bomber will be in stores ready to go for the spring :) also Target always has the best things - sometimes you just have to hunt for them. 

a closeup of this beautiful floral print and I totally splurged on myself with this turtleneck, I spent about $50 on it ;) yikes! but it's soon soft and I knew it'd be a classic piece in my wardrobe for years to come. J.Crew you get me every time. 

these adorable suede heels I found at Nordstrom Rack before Christmas and I was so excited about them, because the color is perfection and I love the shape! crazy story too - these Via Spiga heels I got for more than $100 off!! I love heading down to my local store to see if there's anything new ;) I've found Tory Burch, Ted Baker, Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff, Hunter and tons of other great brands for waaaaaay less just from going to Nordstrom Rack. my husband could tell you, but it's one of my favorite stores ;) and best secrets to getting the designer look for less. 

and something else fun, I got my Paige denim thrifted at the Salt Lake City location of Uptown Cheapskate, I couldn't believe they were less than $20! (saving in some areas of my wardrobe allow me to splurge in others - hence the $50 turtleneck ;) and $20 jeans!) what're your secrets to saving money???? 

Target bomber, this season's linked below // J.Crew turtleneck // Paige denim, thrifted // Via Spiga heels via Nordstrom Rack, other colors linked below // LipSense color Roseberry 

to shop my look, check out the links below :) 

thank you for reading!! :) I hope you have a fabulous monday! 

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.the dainty pear ... custom jewelry.

growing up with the name Jensyn, my name was never on any of those pre made mugs or keychains you'd find at gas stations and stores. I was always so sad, because I REALLY wanted one, there were a few occasions when I would've settled for JEN but it just wasn't the same, you know?? fast forward about fifteen years and here I am with a necklace with my very own name! I've worn it almost every single day for weeks! it's become one of my very treasured pieces of jewelry, along with all these beauties by The Dainty Pear. I have three different necklaces, one with "JENSYN", one with "N . J . N" which stands for my husband Nash, me- Jensyn, and Navi - our family. The last necklace is actually roman numerals for our wedding date 10. 11. 2012. I'm so proud to rock jewelry that means something to me.  ... shop The Dainty Pear ... follow The Dainty Pear

this coat I fell instantly in love with a few years back because it reminded me of a Burberry one ;) but I'm excited to say I found it at Forever 21! honestly, the past few years they've upped their game and I love a lot of their stuff, I'll link a few coats I'm loving here that are all less than $100. if I remember right, when I bought this it came in under $60 ;) :) 

isn't this swoop design so pretty??!! 

and of course you know I love a fun colored shoe, these booties I picked up at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale last summer and haven't ever regretted it! I'll link some similar denim and shoe options I'm loving below :) 

Toms booties, linked above // Forever 21 coat // Shop Stevie top, just a few Medium and Large left // The Dainty Pear necklaces c/o // Abercrombie denim

thank you so much for reading! I hope you're having a fabulous week and you can enjoy the weekend! :) 

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