.pretty olive heels.

jacket // tee // denim // heels 

if you've even just barely glanced at my blog I bet you could tell that I LOVE SHOES. I feel like it's no secret and I always talk about them, you know how everyone has their 'thing' that they just buy a lot of and are obsessed over?! mine is definitely shoes. without a doubt! 

I had the fun opportunity to shoot some pics with Makenzie :) I've worked with her before on this post while back and she is amazing! I was excited when she wanted to meet up and take some pictures for the local Valley Fair mall :) of course we hit up one of my favorites ;) Payless has some awesome shoes for everyone in the family! Navi kept choosing styles she liked, and of course wanted to be like 'mommy' and was trying them on too :) I love my little shopping mini me ;) 

I went for a pair of olive suede pumps because why not?! they're gorgeous, simple and classic. I have nothing like them and the quality surprised me! these heels are comfortable and stylish! :) I used to pair high heels with my jeans for date night all the time when Nash and I dated, since having kids I don't wear heels out as much as I used to - that is going to change. in 2018 I'm going to make it a priority to date my husband and I'll wear these heels darn it! ;) ;) date nights are important and doing and wearing what makes you happy is important too :) 

thanks for reading friends!

xo, Jensyn

other shoes I'm loving from Payless :)  


.a pretty red dress.

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! we had a good time going to church, taking a nap, we went to my husband's work christmas dinner and of course we made it to the mall ;) two malls to be exact! I was able to shoot a look for a local mall and I am excited to share the pictures with you soon! 

the only bummer from the weekend was how cold it got, and the rain/snow ;) boo! I know it's December and snow is totally expected in Utah, but still. I took these pictures only last Sunday and LOVE how the weather was - I want to get back to this! if I could have my way I'd live in Arizona ;) 

now on to this pretty little number ;) 

this red dress was a marvelous find! I actually bought it when I was pregnant and just couldn't wait to fit into it! I wore it to church last week and while I'm typically not a 'red' wearing gal, I just couldn't NOT feel beautiful in this color. so my advice is ... get a red dress. I went out of my comfort zone and bought a red one piece swimsuit over the summer and I've got to tell you - I feel so amazing in it (and I was even 7-8 months pregnant when I wore it! so that's saying something!)

if you follow me on instagram you may remember talking about and asking for advice on Valentino shoes on my insta stories ... I was debating between which height is best. in this post I've got on the kitten heel - which are SO comfortable and practical! I also own the flats (I've never worn them yet though) see my youtube video about them here ... and finally there are the high heels linked here. I really want another pair for Christmas and I found some on major sale!! ;) that's honestly the only way I buy them, I wait for the best prices! I figured since I own the nude and the black it was time I got a fun color ;) but you'll just have to wait to see what I got ;) 

red dress, also comes in taupe // heels // similar bag 

thank you so much for reading! thank you for your support and love :) I'm grateful for you and for following along! I love talking about fashion and sharing outfits - but I'd love to know what would you like to see more of on my blog? 

xo, Jensyn


.goldenrod blouse.

post in collaboration with Romwe .. all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

do you remember back in school days the color 'goldenrod' that was used on papers given by the teachers? well, this is that color! it's so on trend to wear shades of yellow and this blouse from Romwe is perfect! I LOVE the sleeves and the 70's vibes it gives. 

I paired it up today with black accessories and a bright pop of pink in my bag :) because yellow and pink are seriously so pretty together! ;) 

I think back a few years ago and how my style has evolved, I was VERY preppy and almost 'proper' as my sister would say, and I'm happy to have changed up my look a little bit. I dress a bit more bohemian and laid back with flowy tops (like this one) and fun hats. I've always loved wearing colors and patterns (so that will never change ;) what do you think of styles changing?? 

ps. look at the drape of this top ... dead. I LOVE IT. 

 blouse c/o Romwe // denim // boots // bag, old, similar // hat, old, similar

thank you so much for reading :) sorry it's been a crazy week around here and so I hadn't put up any new posts, BUT I've got a lot of cute outfits coming soon! and WHO can't believe that it's already december! people! that happened SO fast! I can hardly believe it - seriously, this year FLEW. 

I think I'm jinxing myself by saying this, but we don't have any snow here yet ;) so I've soaking up all the time I can to have it still feel like fall! I hate covering up my cute outfits with big coats ;) what do you think --- are you excited for snow?

have a great weekend! 

xo, Jensyn


.seeing red.

this post is in collaboration with Romwe .. all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own

red is one of the hottest colors for this fall and winter! seeing this bag in store was amazing and I just had to have it as my pop of red this season ;) I don't typically wear red but I can totally do it in small doses. the embroidery on this blazer is incredible and yet again, nailing two more trends with this jacket! military style / blazers and embroidery! both of which I'm LOVING right now! finding unique pieces like my blazer can be hard especially when you're on a budget or if you don't want to splurge on a trend that may not be around forever ;) that's where Romwe comes in. Romwe has a fabulous selection of clothes and accessories that are right on trend that are fit for ladies with real budgets! 

there's something so timeless about a blazer but keeping it cool and on trend with the embroidered flower details and pops of red. it's fun to style typically 'work place' pieces such as a blazer for different occasions .. how would you style a blazer in a more casual way?

blazer + white top c/o Romwe // bag c/o Charming Charlie // booties, old // Abercrombie denim

I'm really excited about red being such a hot color this season, and trust me you'll see it even into next spring and summer ;) so it really wouldn't be a bad thing to invest in a few cute red pieces for your closet :) I'll link below what I'm loving! 

thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a fabulous thanksgiving tomorrow!

xo, Jensyn 


.ultimate gift guide.

wishlist 2017 ..

shop these fun finds and more below :)

I hope you're having fun shopping for those you love :) I love this time of year!! 

 xo, Jensyn

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.the best basic neutrals.

there's something to be said about fabulous basic pieces that can pair with literally anything and then when you put them together they create a magical combination :) THAT is what this outfit is. 

over the knee or 'otk' boots are a fall/winter staple and I'm loving this pair from Target! they're only $40 and I love that they have the tie up back, they do stay up on my legs so nicely! I have a pair from a few seasons ago from a different designer that doesn't have the ties, and I'm constantly fussing with them to stay up. so moral of that story is ... get the ones I'm wearing in today's post ;) they're the real MVPs. 

I could seriously live in this sweater, it literally takes everything in me to not wear it everyday. I love the color, the fit and the fact that it goes with everything! I'm usually all into wearing colors, wearing a billion patterns and throwing in some pink ;) but on this day I was happy to sport the neutrals.

my necklace is one that I also wear everyday ;) this post is a lot about my basics and everyday essentials apparently ;) but hey what can I say? I love what I love. this choker necklace is a classic and while I used to be very into wearing more costume jewelry and layering big necklaces together - I really do love a more simple style. it's always funny to me how style evolves. yes I still enjoy trying trends and wearing unique pieces, but I have found my core style and I'm very happy with where I am.

our leaves are mostly gone now and they were fun while they lasted. Navi LOVED throwing them around and she's so silly and would try to feed them to our dog Berlin. Berlin didn't like that too much ;) but she would shred them up, which made Navi laugh! those two have the funniest friendship.

thank you so much for reading :) I hope you don't mind my babbling along, I just find that I sometimes have so much I want to say - especially when it comes to style. 

I hope your work week is short and your holiday merry ;) 
Indie is turning one month old tomorrow and I can't believe how fast that first month went by .. time slow down! 

xo, Jensyn

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