.designer look for less // velvet blazer.

designer look for less .. velvet blazer


blazer // blouse // bag // watch // jeans // booties

today's designer look for less was totally inspired by keeping the look very monochromatic and luxurious. I LOVE the velvet trend and all the details from the victorian era, the big bows and sleeves, sock booties and pointed toes - it's alllllll coming back and I'm excited about it! 

the cutest Chloe Nile bag has been a big hit so I included a similar version for a whole lot less above :) there are some bags that I would consider investment 'splurge' worthy bags, this particular style is a little too trendy and so I don't know if I'd spend the big bucks on it unless I had some extra money to spare ;) what do you think? would you choose the splurge or save outfit?? 

thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy the designer look for less posts -
 they're some of my favorites!

xo, Jensyn 

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.fall wardrobe basics.

comfort is key these days ;) and a snuggly cardigan and an easy tee have been my go-to for layering. I love the beautiful colors that start popping up in stores around the fall, rich greens, warm reds and oranges and of course shades of taupe and cream. they're just the yummiest colors and make me want to curl up and watch a good movie and have some hot chocolate ;) anyone else?? or is that just me??

nordstrom cardigan // albion fit tee // denim // franco sarto booties // necklace 

thank you so much for reading!
I hope you're having a fabulous week :) 

xo, Jensyn


.white dress for fall.

it's a not a new rule that you actually CAN wear white after Labor Day and I believe you should! wear those summer white dresses ;) wear them all year long! so today I'm sharing a few tricks on styling a white dress for fall. 

- bring in the right colors & textures -

I'm wearing a gray suede jacket and green suede booties, suede is instantly going to take a summer dress into more of a fall feel. heavier fabrics and rich textures bring in the coziness that you'd expect with a fall outfit.  (I'm loving this pair and this pair of booties)

the scarf I'm wearing has pinks, greens, metallics - it's colorful but not overly bright - muted color palettes pair beautifully with white and still work for cooler months. (I'm loving this scarf, and this one too)

scarf, Loft in store // Franco Sarto booties, last year // dress, old // suede moto jacket

thank you for stopping by!

I hope these quick tips were helpful and maybe you'll style your white summer dresses for fall!
I'd love to see how you wear your dresses this season :) just be sure to tag me on social media posts or email me the link! 

xo, Jensyn


.bold burgundy.

I switched things up and I'm not wearing green! haha, if you've seen my posts the past couple of weeks, you'll have noticed I was wearing green like crazy. I wasn't even trying to, just getting dressed those were the things that fit I guess ;) the sweater I'm wearing today might be a tad snug and short but I was determined to wear it! I was just too excited, isn't it cute?! like, seriously the perfect tan sweater! (I'm squeezing into an xs for reference) ;) 

it's been so fun to dress in layers, wear hats and rock berry colored lips!
what's your favorite thing about fall wardrobes???? 

hat, asos old, similar here // abercrombie sweater // boutique moto leggings // leopard mules // necklace // sunglasses // lipstick 

thank you for reading my friends!

I hope you're able to enjoy your weekend! anybody have fun plans??? I've been feeling major pains in my legs and lower back and I'm wondering if this baby is coming sooner than later ;) so hopefully I last through the weekend and can enjoy a pumpkin patch with my family! 

xo, Jensyn

I'm sharing below a bunch of cute things that are at Abercrombie right now! 
I'm LOVING their fall line! especially all the embroidery! 


.pink dress ... neutral cozy.

today I'm sharing the third and final look in my styling series of this dress ;) I love sharing with you how I can wear and re wear things in my wardrobe! I'm NOT the kind of girl that only wears something once and is done with it. I buy clothes that I genuinely LOVE and feel represent me and my style :) I also invest in things I know I'll wear over and over again :) 

be sure to see my first and second looks styling this dress - 
and comment which look was your favorite!

because my other two outfits incorporated color I wanted to showcase how this dress would be perfect even with a mix of neutrals :) I am wearing gray, tan and cream! there are no rules against which neutrals should and shouldn't go together - that's what I LOVE, you can honestly have it all ;)

I went for a really chunky cardigan and low cut booties to bring in a more festival type vibe. I feel very cozy and like I should be snuggled by a fire at a lodge somewhere :) I love the texture that a thick cardigan brings into an outfit. an easy dress goes from being just an easy dress, to a perfect layering piece :) 

dress, Rachel Parcell (sold out) // Maurice's cardigan, last year // booties // sunglasses // similar hat

which of the three looks was your favorite??? comment on post 1, post 2 or on this post and let me know :) I'd love to see how you style a simple dress and which style you'd choose to recreate!

have a fabulous day! thanks for reading friends!

xo, Jensyn


.fall lookbook - maternity edition.

fall lookbook .. maternity edition
let me know in the comments - which outfit is your favorite???

I was going to separate the fall outfit inspiration lookbook and the maternity outfit inspiration videos but decided to just put them together (because hello?! I'm pregnant either way - so both videos would've been of me in 'maternity' friendly outfits - haha!) 

if you'd like further tips into HOW I picked clothes for being 'maternity' friendly just scroll past the outfit details :) I'm sharing my secrets below!

thank you for watching! 

plaid top .. similar here 
denim jacket .. similar here 
jeans .. similar here 

peplum top .. local boutique find
black jeans .. similar here 
pink heels .. love these 

dress .. similar here 
cardigan .. similar here 
scarf .. same style here 

black denim .. similar here 

sweater .. similar here 
moto leggings .. similar here 
hat .. similar here 

so a few things I focus on buying/wearing when I'm pregnant are :

loose fitting tops - (these can be peplum silhouettes too) they hide the awkward 'is she pregnant?' phase AND end up fitting a bit more snug later on, they're also perfect for AFTER pregnancy too, when we're still soft ;) and maybe kind of still look a bit pregnant. 


stretchy pants - I LIVED in my moto leggings because the waist band was stretchy. another thing I've done is wear high waisted leggings but fold the waistband down (they're also good for after because they suck it all in ;) I have never bought maternity pants because I just size up in my jeans or do the elastic around the button trick for as long as possible ;) 


swing/body con dresses - easy, simple dresses allow you to breathe and still look chic, layer them with a cardigan, or jacket and wear cute shoes and you'll instantly look dressed up but really you feel like you're in pjs ;) 


1st-2nd trimester dressing - when your bump isn't totally a 'bump' yet and you don't know how to dress your new body, I always went for looser fitting tops and tighter pants. I tried to make my body look long and lean, so I'd wear shoes / booties with a heel on them too. 

2nd-3rd trimester dressing - when your bump is defined and you have that curvy shape, show it off! you don't need to wear the tightest top in the world, but something that does drape off your curves is really beautiful. I still would wear loose tops (they just don't look AS loose) and if you can wear tops that are longer - I've had MANY shirts come up so that you're seeing the bottom of my low belly ;) and that's just not very flattering lol. 

*** if you're ever looking for an outfit on my blog or specifically 'maternity' or 'pregnancy' fashion/style/tips - head over to the search button and type in those words and all my posts labeled will pop up :) making it super easy to find what you're looking for! ***

thank you for reading :) you guys are amazing! thank you for all of your love and support!
I'm super excited to meet our new babe in a few weeks (maybe sooner?!) and it's been fun dressing 'the bump' ;) thank you for following along on my journey!

xo, Jensyn


.pink dress ... blush and suede.

in my second look of my 3 part series this week (if you missed the first post, head here

I thought I'd get a bit more dressed up and keep it all within a simple color palette, and of course I chose more pink ;) that's the best part these days with style - there are basically no rules and it's actually encouraged to wear a lot of the same color in one outfit! monochromatic is still very much a trend and I personally think something that won't go out of style! 

I'd wear all pink, all day, every day ;) oh and sharing the video to how I created this hairstyle below!

this adorable little bag I found in store at Marshall's! you guys, it was only $20! 
;) I couldn't find one super similar online - so go to your nearest Marshall's and pray you find it! haha!

I adore the gold details and the mix of faux leathers in the bag too, the bracelet style handle was too cute and I HAD to have it ;) 

dress, Rachel Parcell (sold out) // Nordstrom jacket // Rebecca Minkoff booties // bag, found in store // sunglasses 

thanks for stopping by! & if you haven't seen how I created this hairstyle check out my video here

and come back again this week to see the third look in my styling series of this pink dress! ;)

xo, Jensyn

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