.winter shoot.

beautiful winter photo shoot. 
sounds pretty dreamy right?? well I didn't quite know how we'd pull it off, and it did turn out different than I had originally envisioned - but I think it's better ;) I love how this team came together and created this magic. 

photographer .. Deston Anderson

flower crowns c/o .. brush fire floral

shoes c/o .. lucy avenue boutique

jewelry c/o .. truly kustom 

models .. Shelby, Jensyn & Heather 

the @brushfirefloral crowns had the most glorious details, they're so unique and perfect in their own way. I love that they're faux flowers but look SO real. you'll have to take a peek at each image and admire all the work that went in to each one :) I'm definitely obsessed! 

@lucyaveboutique was so sweet to let us pick a pair of shoes for the shoot - and funny enough Heather and I chose the rose gold ones ;) and Shelby picked out the prettiest olive lace ups! you know I love a good statement shoe - and I definitely love that pop of color or sass that comes from a unique piece :) lucyave.com also has clothes, so if you're in the market for a new boutique to hit up, might I suggest them ;) I love this hat, these leggings, and this dress

truly kustom did the jewelry for the shoot and I adore the looks they put together for all of us, I'll admit if you've been following my 'insta stories' the past few days, I haven't taken my necklaces off since tuesday ;) they're my new go-to everyday layering necklaces. I love how dainty the jewelry is - making it seriously perfect for ANY occasion. to shop their line go here :) 

one thing I'm grateful for is my new friends. Heather and Shelby have quickly become some of the most supportive and encouraging women I've met in a while. I'm so happy we've become friends through blogging. not only do we have a love of fashion in common, but we're all genuine people. that's what I love most, is really getting to know someone - it's easy to see so called 'fabulous' images of people on a screen and forget about their feelings or the fact that they go through struggles and have day to day tasks like the rest of us. I had a blast doing this shoot! and while getting dressed up and taking pictures sure sounds like a party ;) ahem, who am I kidding!? it totally is. so go at it. get all fancied up and get some pictures done! :) :) :) and hit up Deston because he is so talented! he did a great job and I can't wait to see the work that he'll do - because he has an eye for this and WILL do amazing things with photography! 

I just love you guys. thanks for all of your support. sorry my posting schedule has been so crazy lately, I have like 5 outfits ready to go, I just don't have time to type my posts and edit my pictures these days ;) yikes! so here I am at almost 1:30 am finishing this one!! this is what happens when your baby girl isn't a baby anymore and her naps aren't as long, I have to think, do I want to eat and shower orrrrrr do a blogpost? and when I have a part time job to go to - the eating and showering usually wins ;) so thank you for sticking around. I promise some cool things are coming! like a giveaway in the next few days ;) yay!

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