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well you guys, here we are in 2017. doesn't that just sound weird. it kind of bugs me how it's usually like May before I grasp the fact that the year has changed - and before we know it - it's changing again! 2016 was DEFINITELY a fast year for me. there was a lot going on and it overall was just a busy year. there were fun memories created and celebrating our sweet girl Navi everyday is just so much fun! but Nash and I working so much, him going back to school and the stresses of just day to day life got the best of me and I'll be honest - I don't think I was as happy as I could've been. I've never really been great at 'living in the moment' I tend to look forward to the next best milestone or think 'when this passes, THEN I'll be happy' so my #1 goal this year is to live happier. have a better demeanor at home and BE the joy. the saying 'happy wife, happy life' does bother me a little bit - but honestly there is a bit of truth - if the woman of the house is happy, then most often it's easier for everyone else in the home to be happy too :) I mean this in the sense that as women, we set the tone for the day, our loved ones feed off our energy and we CAN make our days happy :) sorry I'm rambling a bit, but as I truly thought about resolutions I decided none others really mattered, working out, reading my scriptures, praying daily, they're all great things to do daily and they do add to my happiness. I decided I'll have like a weekly or monthly goal that will attribute to my 'happiness' and I'm excited to see how it's going to go, and see at the end of the year how I've changed and grown 

:) thank you for always being so supportive! I just adore you guys! and because I'm a busy lady ;) enjoy these pictures that are like a month old - haha, I meant to get this post up BEFORE the new year as outfit inspiration, but hey, you still could ;) 

this pretty look I wore to church the first sunday in december! and I remember that only because that's when I taught my lesson in Relief Society and I had like -no voice- it was such bad timing. but honestly, I think having a tiny & raspy voice made it so that everyone had to listen really close, so the room was really quiet - and then the spirit could teach. I love lessons like that. 

you've seen me wear this skirt SO much lately, but that's because it's such a pretty one! I love how neutral yet sophisticated it is, and there's an element of whimsy and fun because of the tiers and sparkly waistband :) if you can get your hands on this skirt - I say DO IT! you can see my other looks here and here styling the skirt in other ways :) my heels are a DIY from a few years back and have been a signature in my 'dressy' heels ever since! they were SOOO easy to do and need to 'bedazzle' another little something soon! 

I'm really excited for this year. I feel like I'm gaining back myself. not like I was lost or didn't feel like I've been myself, I just haven't been feeling like I could express myself or truly just BE ME - I thought I needed to be in this mold of what I thought the world wanted ... I'm proud to say that I'm not cookie cutter - and I don't want to be. I want to be me :) I hope to be a beacon and someone that you can relate to - I want us to feel like we're friends and I'm not just 'some girl' on the internet. I'm excited about my youtube channel and my plans for this year, to focus more on videos and quality content :) so thank you again for your love - I get so excited when I get to meet you and talk to you. I did a 'instagram live' session the other day and it was so nice to just talk and answer your questions, I loved reading all the messages, even though I've never met so many - I honestly feel like we're besties, like we've straight up grown up together and have been friends our whole lives. I love that connection. so thank you. thank you for showing me that there is hope in dreams coming true.

 2017 I'm ready for you.

lots of love ...

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