.gift guide $30 or less + a vlog.

$30 or less gift guide
gift guide // $30 or less! 

velvet bow hair tie // pink scarf // pom pom hat // metallic shoes // velvet magenta clutch bag 

wall marble look clock // fox socks at Forever21 // essie polish 

geometric pillow at Target // mustard arrow pillow at Target // plaid scarf

I love giving gifts! and for all the cute people in my life - I like to get them cute things ;) but I also don't have a gazillion dollars to spend on EVERYONE. so here's the start of my gift guides, where today everything is under $30! I'm obsessed with the velvet trend this season, and you'll definitely see more as the year goes on ;) it's the perfect texture and gives that drama that is just right for the holidays! 

I hope you enjoy our little vlog too - Navi and I were getting busy -starting- to wrap gifts and she just had a ball playing with the ornaments on the tree ;) I need to make sure I get some that she can actually play with. I found the most adorable little doll ornaments at Target and we always take them down for her to play with - growing up my mom had special bears and toys that we would bring out only during the holidays and we had so many memories with them. I'm excited for Navi to start remembering traditions and making memories with us :) 

have a fantastic weekend! 

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