.floral fix.

something about wearing a bright floral dress in the winter makes me feel a bit like a rebel ;) in the best way! there are NO fashion rules anymore, wear what you want, when you want to! neon heels, you betcha ;) I don't wear these Kate Spade pumps as much as I wish I would, so when I got this stunning fitted dress from Wight Gold - I got REALLY excited! 

no 'extra' accessories, no layers were needed. this look speaks on it's own. I LOVE when an outfit is bold enough that you really don't need a lot of 'extra' things going on. a classic watch is more my speed and this black and rose gold style by Daniel Wellington is my new favorite! use code "JENSYN" for 15% off your purchase on a watch for yourself, or there are plenty to choose from for friends, your spouse or your kids ;) my husband has even mentioned how he'd like a new watch for Christmas ... I guess that's my cue ;) 

I hope you're having a great start to your week! 

we've been busy with work, and where I was sick ALL last week, I FINALLY have my voice back! hooray!!! we're only 1 week in to December, and already I have 2 holiday parties over with, so I'm all about staying in, getting some wrapping done and soaking up my time with my sweet baby, puppy and my hubs :) I have missed them. the holiday season is always super busy at work so I cherish the days I'm home with them :) what're some fun family things to do that are great for toddlers too??? she's a busy bee and we're looking for ideas in utah :) send your traditions / thoughts my way please!! 

thanks for stopping by!

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