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every woman (no matter your age) needs a dress that you can twirl in. something feminine, flirty and fun. I feel so beautiful when I wear this dress and surprisingly I feel super sexy in it ;) a woman doesn't need to show off her body or bare skin to be attractive. the beauty comes from your confidence. my purpose of writing is to share great deals and wear pretty things ;) but really, I want to help people (men and women included) to feel proud of who they are, and what they have :) meaning, rocking their curvy hips, or owning their toned up stomach, flaunting their gray hairs - whatever it may be that you have - loving the stage you're in. 

I met a woman the other day at work, I work in a pretty intimate space and we were talking about body perception. she told me that she didn't care that she had weight to lose, or that her 'tummy' wasn't 'perfect' and tiny yet. she wanted to love herself now. and feel good now. she wanted something to help her feel like she could own the town and be proud of her body. I loved getting to talk to her, because I know SOOOOO many women (and men too) that feel that same way. they'd rather wait to treat themselves to something nice or fun because they feel like they're not 'ready'. I learned a lesson from this sweet woman that day, I too want to love myself now and feel confident always. 

thank you so much for reading! have a beautiful weekend :) the weather has definitely changed, temperatures have dropped and we're a bit chillier than the day we took these pictures. as not excited for the snow as I am, I sure am ready for my Christmas tree - oh and Thanksgiving too! ;) 

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