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another great week of #bloggersFALLfor trends, and this week is long cardigans! I'm such a fan of layering and in Utah our weather is, well unpredictable. somedays a cardigan is just right because it's too hot in the afternoon for a coat but mornings are chilly ;) I love this chunky cardigan I got from Maurice's about a month ago, it's sooooooo cozy. I really am kicking myself for not buying the tan one too ;) I didn't know I'd love it as much as I do (and now I can't find it online!) 

this outfit is pretty casual, booties, moto leggings, hair is up in a pony (rare!) I have days where honestly I don't feel like getting 'too' ready - and a cardigan with a simple tee is sometimes the answer! :) I love that the striped top does give some personality and interest to my simple look. also, I'm a total weirdo - and now that I bright this up you'll totally notice, but whenever I wear my hair up or pulled back - I'll wear earrings. I usually forget that accessory when my hair is down - but if my ears show, you bet I'll decorate them ;) anybody else have some weird/goofy trait or 'thing' that they do?? :) 

Maurice's cardigan // Nordstrom striped top // Bohme leggings // Rebecca Minkoff bag, old // Vince Camuto booties (on sale! and best purchase this season)

I seriously always wear these booties ;) they're so worth it! 

don't miss out on this week's link up - of course styling a long cardigan brings in so many new and different perspectives - some dressed up the cardigan where others went more casual ;) (like myself) and hello!! apparently stripes are where it's at! ;) I'm aaaaalways a fan of stripes and what better way to incorporate a print then to cover it up with a cozy sweater? ;) no but for real, go check out these ladies blogs / looks out - I'm bummed that next week is the last week of our weekly #bloggersFALLfor trends, this has been my second year doing this and I LOVE it. it's been a blast getting to know these fun ladies and to share our fashion sense with you all. thank you for taking the time to read and hear from us, it means so much. xo

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