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it's been 6 days since my last post! .... I guess life just got the best of me - my last few weekends have been so busy with work, I'm not particularly used to working Sundays, and I've worked the last two - it's thrown me off my blogging schedule ;) but hey. thanks for being here when I can come around. 

we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday and Nash and I's 4th wedding anniversary was on Tuesday :) it's already been an exciting week. and no, we're lame and didn't really do anything crazy special to celebrate. he had school and I worked - so yeah. we probably kissed once. haha. I swear getting older it takes a LOT more effort to plan out dates and be romantic. I'm just being straight up - but you have to make your spouse a priority! honestly, with how busy we've been - we both agreed that we've not done our best to think of each other first. I'm grateful we're both seeing this and are willing to work on devoting true attention to each other. not just sitting on the couch both of us being on our phones - that doesn't count ;) those that are in relationships - what're some fun dates???? :) Nash and I don't see each other more than a couple hours each day - so I'm really interested in seeing what you have to say :) and something that keeps us going through the day to day tasks are the facts that he won't be in school forever ;) (just 3 more years! Heaven help! haha!) and I also don't think I'll be working for the rest of my life - so there's hope. 

now on to the outfit ;) 

I totally spaced that I had taken pictures of this look! this pretty outfit I wore at the beginning of September - and I LOVE it. it'd actually be pretty fabulous for the 4th of July ;) but it seemed fitting for this early fall season too. I can't get enough of wearing this denim vest - it's such a perfect layering piece. I was weary about the thought of it when I first started seeing them pop up in stores, but really it's been a go-to for layering since I bought it!  a neutral color scheme paired with a colored bootie is just my vibe. I almost always would rather wear a fairly simple outfit and go really fun with my bags and shoes! who else is with me??? my lip shade today is 'First Love' and is a LipSense color, you can order it through me :) just give me a message on my Instagram here or through my Facebook here :) 

Asos dress  // Bohme vest, old, this one is cute and only $30! // Toms booties 

thank you so much for reading ;) 
have a fabulous week! :)

oh no biggie - I just scarfed down a whole loaf of banana bread while writing this ;) 

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  1. What a beautiful look! I your white dress, and you accessorized it perfectly with your denim vest and beautiful booties!

    xx, Elise


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