.kisses, pink & 3 years.

 my very first published post was 3 years ago. a lot has changed in these 3 years. I've moved twice, we bought our first home, got pregnant, celebrated 4 years of marriage to my husband and have had the best time being parents to our little girl. I've changed so much as a woman - growing more independent in some ways and relying more on my husband, Heavenly Father and also my parents ;) in other ways. I'm still a lover of pink and lipstick! especially pink lipstick ;) and have the biggest fetish for shoes! just this year I got a 'shoe shelf' which is basically a bookcase I'm using to showcase my favorite pairs - our bedroom is practically a walk in closet - whoops! ;) somethings won't change.

I have grown my blog in some amazing ways, and yet in some I feel a little short of the pack. I've seen some gals rise quickly in this blogger industry, and sometimes question what I'm doing. All I can do is work hard, do my best, push myself and try new things :) and be proud of my work. yes, the images have improved here - I feel like the content has remained about the same ;) maybe I'm sharing more about myself and that's a great thing! I want you to get to know me - I don't want to be 'just a name'. I want to be someone that you can relate to, someone that you can feel like is a friend, a sister, or even a mentor :) I want to inspire others to go for their dreams/goals/aspirations. reach for those goals! they're achievable. I've seen others do it - so why not me? why not you?? 

I just wanted to share a little bit about how I've been feeling as these last few weeks have gone by, I'm grateful for where I'm at :) I'm happy to be here - and I'm excited to see where this fun space takes me. thank you for all of your support and love. I really do appreciate each comment, like and feel like we ARE friends. I do this blog for me (because I like it) but also I do it to connect with others :) I want to be that inspiration. I do it for you. 

Barbour jacket // F21 sweater thrifted c/o Uptown Cheapskate // Paige denim thrifted c/o Uptown Cheapskate // Hunter boots 

thank you for reading! 
have an absolutely amazing weekend! 

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  1. I love this post and truly enjoy following you! I feel the same way sometimes but we have to remember not to compare ourselves to others, not everything is as it seems. 💕

  2. Girl! You are seriously so amazing! I love your blog! I feel like I wish mine could be as great as yours! I look up to you so much! Keep doing what you are doing!


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