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today's #bloggersFALLfor post is ALL about braids ;) okay, maybe not the entire focus because let's be real I'm not super great at styling my hair. but I super love this outfit so I hope that counts for something! I love that braids are becoming such an 'IT' hairstyle. I'm extra excited because later this week I'm getting my hair done for an event - and I'm totally going all out with the braided look ;) so be sure you're following me on Instagram @jensynjeppsen for all those details ;) 

 this white blouse has been sold out for a LONG time, and I'm so sad because I keep watching for it to come back, but I haven't seen it. I picked it up the first day of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale (and was glad I did because it sold out later that same day!) I'll try to link a similar one for you :) these over the knee boots were a purchase from last Christmas season. If I were to buy another pair (which I'm planning on ;) I'd totally get a flat or lower heeled gray or black pair of OTK boots. I definitely love boots like this in suede or if you wanted to be really daring - try velvet! it's this season's hottest trend!

** a mini hair tutorial :) **

- braid two small sections near front of hair line and fasten with mini clear elastics 
- pull back half of hair up and clip in place
- bring both braids to the back of the head and fasten with clear elastic 
- Rapunzel, let down your hair ;) (make sure your braids come underneath the hair you let down that was clipped up)

ta da! easiest hair style ever! 
I'm not that great at hair so to me this is easy, but looks like I somewhat tried ;) haha! 

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hope you're having a great week! honestly I've been so busy! I don't know where my days have gone!? here I am one week since I posted last! that's going to change soon! thanks for bearing with me!

thanks again for stopping by! :)

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  1. I love the blouse and the thigh boots ! <3 outfit

    Sarah xx

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