.kisses, pink & 3 years.

 my very first published post was 3 years ago. a lot has changed in these 3 years. I've moved twice, we bought our first home, got pregnant, celebrated 4 years of marriage to my husband and have had the best time being parents to our little girl. I've changed so much as a woman - growing more independent in some ways and relying more on my husband, Heavenly Father and also my parents ;) in other ways. I'm still a lover of pink and lipstick! especially pink lipstick ;) and have the biggest fetish for shoes! just this year I got a 'shoe shelf' which is basically a bookcase I'm using to showcase my favorite pairs - our bedroom is practically a walk in closet - whoops! ;) somethings won't change.

I have grown my blog in some amazing ways, and yet in some I feel a little short of the pack. I've seen some gals rise quickly in this blogger industry, and sometimes question what I'm doing. All I can do is work hard, do my best, push myself and try new things :) and be proud of my work. yes, the images have improved here - I feel like the content has remained about the same ;) maybe I'm sharing more about myself and that's a great thing! I want you to get to know me - I don't want to be 'just a name'. I want to be someone that you can relate to, someone that you can feel like is a friend, a sister, or even a mentor :) I want to inspire others to go for their dreams/goals/aspirations. reach for those goals! they're achievable. I've seen others do it - so why not me? why not you?? 

I just wanted to share a little bit about how I've been feeling as these last few weeks have gone by, I'm grateful for where I'm at :) I'm happy to be here - and I'm excited to see where this fun space takes me. thank you for all of your support and love. I really do appreciate each comment, like and feel like we ARE friends. I do this blog for me (because I like it) but also I do it to connect with others :) I want to be that inspiration. I do it for you. 

Barbour jacket // F21 sweater thrifted c/o Uptown Cheapskate // Paige denim thrifted c/o Uptown Cheapskate // Hunter boots 

thank you for reading! 
have an absolutely amazing weekend! 

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.bloggersFALLfor // braids.

today's #bloggersFALLfor post is ALL about braids ;) okay, maybe not the entire focus because let's be real I'm not super great at styling my hair. but I super love this outfit so I hope that counts for something! I love that braids are becoming such an 'IT' hairstyle. I'm extra excited because later this week I'm getting my hair done for an event - and I'm totally going all out with the braided look ;) so be sure you're following me on Instagram @jensynjeppsen for all those details ;) 

 this white blouse has been sold out for a LONG time, and I'm so sad because I keep watching for it to come back, but I haven't seen it. I picked it up the first day of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale (and was glad I did because it sold out later that same day!) I'll try to link a similar one for you :) these over the knee boots were a purchase from last Christmas season. If I were to buy another pair (which I'm planning on ;) I'd totally get a flat or lower heeled gray or black pair of OTK boots. I definitely love boots like this in suede or if you wanted to be really daring - try velvet! it's this season's hottest trend!

** a mini hair tutorial :) **

- braid two small sections near front of hair line and fasten with mini clear elastics 
- pull back half of hair up and clip in place
- bring both braids to the back of the head and fasten with clear elastic 
- Rapunzel, let down your hair ;) (make sure your braids come underneath the hair you let down that was clipped up)

ta da! easiest hair style ever! 
I'm not that great at hair so to me this is easy, but looks like I somewhat tried ;) haha! 

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hope you're having a great week! honestly I've been so busy! I don't know where my days have gone!? here I am one week since I posted last! that's going to change soon! thanks for bearing with me!

thanks again for stopping by! :)

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.bloggersFALLfor // plaid.

I'm really excited for today's post because we are starting our weekly fall trend linkup! I did this last year with a bunch of my blogger friends, we had such a blast! so I thought we'd do it again. to check out last year's posts' head here :) as a recap of what we do ... each week there is a new trend each of us bloggers style .. today is PLAID! :) :) :) :) last year we did two trends to style in one look, to switch things up, we're doing a 'focus' trend and mixing in a fun trend that we like - so today the focus trend is plaid, but I paired my lace up suede flats as my other trend that I love! keep scrolling to see more of my look :) and to see how my friends styled their plaid pieces :) 

I LOVE a good plaid top, this one I bought while I was on vacation in Canada over the summer - I couldn't wait to start wearing it! ;) I gravitate towards red and navy because I just think they're so classic and honestly, two of the most flattering colors on anybody! 

since it hasn't been REALLY cold here yet, I just styled my plaid button up with an oversized cardigan, some light skinny jeans and my favorite lace up flats. the fact that they're burgundy suede doesn't hurt either ;) they're comfortable and pretty. I just advise that you don't wear them when you're out shopping ;) because if you want to try on pants or shoes - it's a nightmare to undo and retie them constantly! but they're worth it so it's okay :) 

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thank you again for stopping by :) we hope you enjoyed our 'plaid' styling inspirations - how do you like to dress in your plaid??? 

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.black and a bold berry lip.

most days you can find me in a hat ;) and on the days I work, you can find me in black pants and some pop of color! professional and stylish gets tricky in fall/winter - because hello! I want to stay cozy ;) so some cute booties and a long cardigan become my besties! this lip shade is "lexie bear-y" again, a LipSense shade but that's ALL I wear these days ... I'm telling you ;) if you haven't tried it yet. you need to. it'll change your lip game forever! find out more here 

I don't think I'll be quitting cute crossbody bags anytime soon. I love the size and how versatile they are. they fit juuuuuuust what I need, I hate overpacking (even a purse!) and so a crossbody is super ideal for me. and a bit random but I have to say that I LOVE my hair curled, when it's straight all I do is play with it - so it gets greasy fast ;) yikes! I'm in dire need of getting it colored - I've got roots galore! we did family pictures last week and totally didn't make a hair appointment. so there's that. just goes to show you how it is not a priority anymore. haha. that's why I wear hats. :) nobody has to know. 

Forever 21 blouse, old // Target cardigan, old // VS Sport pants // booties, old // bag, similar here // Asos hat, last year // LipSense lipstick 

thank you all for reading :) have a fabulous weekend!!! 
what're you being for Halloween?? 
it's approaching and our family hasn't thought of anything cute yet!! help!

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.red booties.

it's been 6 days since my last post! .... I guess life just got the best of me - my last few weekends have been so busy with work, I'm not particularly used to working Sundays, and I've worked the last two - it's thrown me off my blogging schedule ;) but hey. thanks for being here when I can come around. 

we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday and Nash and I's 4th wedding anniversary was on Tuesday :) it's already been an exciting week. and no, we're lame and didn't really do anything crazy special to celebrate. he had school and I worked - so yeah. we probably kissed once. haha. I swear getting older it takes a LOT more effort to plan out dates and be romantic. I'm just being straight up - but you have to make your spouse a priority! honestly, with how busy we've been - we both agreed that we've not done our best to think of each other first. I'm grateful we're both seeing this and are willing to work on devoting true attention to each other. not just sitting on the couch both of us being on our phones - that doesn't count ;) those that are in relationships - what're some fun dates???? :) Nash and I don't see each other more than a couple hours each day - so I'm really interested in seeing what you have to say :) and something that keeps us going through the day to day tasks are the facts that he won't be in school forever ;) (just 3 more years! Heaven help! haha!) and I also don't think I'll be working for the rest of my life - so there's hope. 

now on to the outfit ;) 

I totally spaced that I had taken pictures of this look! this pretty outfit I wore at the beginning of September - and I LOVE it. it'd actually be pretty fabulous for the 4th of July ;) but it seemed fitting for this early fall season too. I can't get enough of wearing this denim vest - it's such a perfect layering piece. I was weary about the thought of it when I first started seeing them pop up in stores, but really it's been a go-to for layering since I bought it!  a neutral color scheme paired with a colored bootie is just my vibe. I almost always would rather wear a fairly simple outfit and go really fun with my bags and shoes! who else is with me??? my lip shade today is 'First Love' and is a LipSense color, you can order it through me :) just give me a message on my Instagram here or through my Facebook here :) 

Asos dress  // Bohme vest, old, this one is cute and only $30! // Toms booties 

thank you so much for reading ;) 
have a fabulous week! :)

oh no biggie - I just scarfed down a whole loaf of banana bread while writing this ;) 

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