.camo green & 5 fall staples.

neutral dress

there's something about a little black dress with some oomph! I'm not really a glitzy type of girl - so a slice of camo is more my speed ;) and I LOVE it. this dress I got last year when I first found out I was expecting - I knew I wanted something stretchy (so it would fit me at all points of my pregnancy) and it seriously was such a great decision. :) looking back though, the wisest thing would have been to get a great neutral dress that was solid (no decorative details) that way you could style it countless ways :) with the camo I'll be honest, it can be limiting if you're not used to mixing prints/colors.

denim jacket

I am VERY picky when it comes to how a denim jacket should fit. I don't like them too short (you know that cropped look?), or too long (don't want to look like I borrowed my husbands') and the color had to be dark, but still looking like it had been worn and loved ;) longest list... I know. well I was SO excited when over the summer I found my dream denim jacket! best part is ;) it's under $50! I got it in Canada too - my mom's Canadian and we joke that everything that comes from Canada is better, the candy, the chinese food, the accent .. but really though :) I'm not kidding. this jacket is going to be in my closet - FOR-EV-ER. (think the Sandlot ;)

cute sunglasses

I think sunglasses can change up an entire look, almost faster than any other accessory :) sunglasses are just supposed to be fun and I always feel so cool when I wear my Ray Ban's .. my other styles are more neutral but I REALLY love the mirrored lenses and of course the color! 

unique booties

I would definitely get a unique, funky, textured, patterned - a something special kind of bootie this season :) mine have a braided detail, the peep toe, open back, suede, they're even GREEN! it's ALL about cute, fun shoes right now :) and I'm a shoe fanatic - and I'm going crazy over all of the pretty options. I would seriously wear the same t shirt and pants everyday if that meant I got a new pair of shoes to wear with them. I'm so shoe obsessed it's not even funny ... errr .. maybe it is ;) 

if you're not into the 'wilder' styles maybe go for a bold color (like my olive green ones) or do a texture (like calf hair or suede) :) mixing it up gives more dimension to your look :)

crossbody bag 

the main reason I love a smaller bag is the fact that it helps narrow down how much 'stuff' I'm carrying around ;) cause really though, do I need everything from my bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, car ... in my purse???? no. do I still stash like 5 lipsticks in the pockets? yes. 
there are cute options for smaller bags right now, a whole array of price points too. designers have really been on board with smaller cross body styles this whole year - so the stores are well stocked :) 

I hope you enjoyed my 5 Fall Staples :) 
as a recap ....

1) neutral dress
2) denim jacket 
3) cute sunglasses
4) unique booties 
5) crossbody bag

each of these will offer so much diversity throughout your wardrobe, they're pieces that you can mix and match with classic items as well as trendier things - these 5 staples will last for years to come! 

thank you for stopping by! 
:) have a great day 

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  1. I love this boots ! You look like Kristen Dunst ;) Pretty OOtd !


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