.bordeaux & moto.

yay! back to the bordeaux / burgundy colors for fall! this night was so stinkin' windy out and the sun was setting, but I really love the mood and vibe of these images. not everything needs to be perfect to be beautiful or worthwhile - that's a lesson I'm being taught everyday. it's hard to see my tee, but it says "hashtag blessed" and I truly do feel so #blessed. I see God's hand in my life and I know we are all given in this life the things we can handle. God doesn't give us challenges and opportunities that He doesn't already know we can face. my family has been going through some changes and we've been getting through it, and it's truly amazing how we have seen God through it all. 

my look today is simple. black, bordeaux and a bit of moto ;) I don't wear my faux leather jackets too often, partially because I don't feel like I'm edgy enough to truly pull them off - and then other times (like in this case) I wonder why I don't wear it more often?! I mostly wear black at work so I rarely want to wear black on my days off - but these colors were meant for each other! I love the tough, sassy vibe that is this outfit. 

even the girliest of girls can have a little fun switching up their looks too ;) 

my friend Lisa has talked with me about my style before, she wants me to reach out of my comfort zone more often, and go for these edgy looks. I'm so glad I have friends that challenge me and stretch me :) I mean, it's clothing. it's not like I'm changing who I am and it's not the biggest deal ever - but I do appreciate it. It's fun to get an outside opinion, and the truth is I like all kinds of styles, I feel like each one is a different part of my personality - it all works! :) 

        Kohl's moto jacket, old // Bohme moto leggings // VS Pink tee, old // Halogen flats // Lipsense lipstick "bella" 

thank you for reading :) have a fabulous week! 

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