.floral dress in fall.

hey friends!

today's look is a dressy outfit I wore to church a couple weeks ago, I had just picked up this olive bandana and was so eager to wear it that I decided to pair it with this floral dress that I got in early summer :) I love that the floral has olive in it, and that dark backdrop makes it so fall appropriate! I think florals should be worn all year long, who's with me!? 

pink and green are just so sweet together and pairing my suede booties just felt right for this feminine dress. I think booties should be worn with juuuuuust about everything ;) and I keep growing my collection! I've written in previous posts about having a few pairs of really fun, detailed shoes :) I'll link a few I've had my eyes on lately ;) they're really good!

my very favorite nail polish color here .. and topcoat here :) 

it's seriously weird that it's the end of September! where did this year go??? as I get older time just races by! I'll be the first to say that I am not excited about the cold. I'm not a huge fan of fall and winter besides the chance to wear cute sweaters and boots ;) 

Pink Blush dress c/o // Maurice's bandana // Franco Sarto booties // Essie polish // Fossil watch 

thank you for reading :) I hope you're having a great week! 

my posting schedule is a bit off, but I hope to be back to a regular routine soon :) 

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.madewell favorites.

madewell favorites

plaid long sleeve top // b&w plaid shirt dress // pink lace up top // grid sweater // cardigan sweater // b&w stripe tee // blue stripe v neck tee // skinny denim // blush skirt // burgundy booties // blue booties // black low heel shoes // red fringe bag // burgundy tote bag // black cross body bag // green hat // gray scarf // navy pattern scarf // amber sunglasses // tortoise sunglasses

I'm so excited to share a few ;) things I'm loving at Madewell right now! (totally not sponsored, I just adore their style!) and was browsing through the site, when I was like loving everything! I figured I should just share the love and let you guys in on this too! :) some things are already selling out so fast! I'm in LOVE LOVE LOVE with the green hat ... just the other day I was telling Nash how I 'needed' one ;) so we'll see what he thinks now that I've found one.

I hope you're having a great day!

thank you for stopping by!  

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.bordeaux & moto.

yay! back to the bordeaux / burgundy colors for fall! this night was so stinkin' windy out and the sun was setting, but I really love the mood and vibe of these images. not everything needs to be perfect to be beautiful or worthwhile - that's a lesson I'm being taught everyday. it's hard to see my tee, but it says "hashtag blessed" and I truly do feel so #blessed. I see God's hand in my life and I know we are all given in this life the things we can handle. God doesn't give us challenges and opportunities that He doesn't already know we can face. my family has been going through some changes and we've been getting through it, and it's truly amazing how we have seen God through it all. 

my look today is simple. black, bordeaux and a bit of moto ;) I don't wear my faux leather jackets too often, partially because I don't feel like I'm edgy enough to truly pull them off - and then other times (like in this case) I wonder why I don't wear it more often?! I mostly wear black at work so I rarely want to wear black on my days off - but these colors were meant for each other! I love the tough, sassy vibe that is this outfit. 

even the girliest of girls can have a little fun switching up their looks too ;) 

my friend Lisa has talked with me about my style before, she wants me to reach out of my comfort zone more often, and go for these edgy looks. I'm so glad I have friends that challenge me and stretch me :) I mean, it's clothing. it's not like I'm changing who I am and it's not the biggest deal ever - but I do appreciate it. It's fun to get an outside opinion, and the truth is I like all kinds of styles, I feel like each one is a different part of my personality - it all works! :) 

        Kohl's moto jacket, old // Bohme moto leggings // VS Pink tee, old // Halogen flats // Lipsense lipstick "bella" 

thank you for reading :) have a fabulous week! 

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.fall haul video.

today's fun post is my fall haul :) with a very special guest, my daughter Navi! she is so funny lately, always wanting to be by my side and being my 'helper'. I totally love it though. I hope she always thinks I'm cool ;) I went a little crazy lately buying new things for fall but I'm so excited because most everything is a basic that can mix and match with everything in my wardrobe :) I love finding updated basics that can transition through any season and any style. what's your favorite thing about fall???? 

thanks for watching!

leather clutch c/o (use code STRIPESINBLOOM for 20% off your purchase at Sunflare through Sept. 30)

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hey hey hey ... what'do ya know?! I'm in a 90's inspired look again. and I'm not even mad about it. ;) 
I wasn't joking. I LOVE it. I love that I can basically wear what I wore when I was 7. except now I wear lipstick. but black leggings, tunic tees and denim jackets (also here) sound about right. 

if you've seen my instagram then you probably know that I've become a Lipsense distributor (you can find my pages here and here @stripesandlipstick) :) I LOVE Lipsense - it's basically a long wearing moisturizing liquid lipstick. the color I'm wearing in the pictures is "bella" which is a limited edition - that sold out! but they're bringing it back! so we'll see if I can get my hands on more of this goodness! it's a beautiful 90's lip ;) and I'm praying they release it in the permanent line. 

you should all know by now that I'm a sucker for the little details, and the cut outs on these booties are just perfection! too bad I can't wear them once it's snowing outside! ;) gotta get my use now! so you'll be seeing them a bunch. fair warning. and they come in tan and black. so there's that. 

I'm becoming a one trick pony with my denim jacket and my olive striped tee but if I could tell you 1 thing - it'd be to get either this jacket or this tee (or if you can get both!) I swear they are so comfortable, yet I feel like they can go with anything and everything in my wardrobe. my one regret is not getting more colors of this tee! it's already selling out fast! 

these leggings are a dream. they have no buttons / zippers / etc. they're just comfy. I love that they look so tough and fun but really I feel like I'm in sweats. maybe that's not a good thing ;) because now I want them in EVERY color. I bought the burgundy ones too - couldn't help myself! haha. 

Garage denim jacket // Nordstrom tee, long sleeve version here // Bohme leggings // Vince Camuto booties // Fossil watch // Lipsense lipstick // KZ sunglasses c/o 

I hope you're not sick of my casual 90's type of outfits yet ;) I feel like when a trend comes and it sticks, it's because people love it. I sure love it. and as much as I LOVE getting dressed up and being all feminine, in dresses, pink and florals - it's just as fun to wear an outfit like this. I secretly think my husband likes these types of looks better than the girly ones ;) but that's just between us. 

have a fun day! thanks for reading!

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.dusty rose skirt.

today's look I wore to church a few weeks ago, I had been wanting to pair this skirt with this tee for what seemed like ages, but I didn't have the 'right' shoe. then I went shopping. 

and now I do have the right shoe ;) 

I wanted a chunky, solid black bootie. I am really into the 90's early 00's style right now and all of the details down to my thin chained necklace just fit the bill. I love that this skirt is a cargo material but is in the most beautiful dusty rose color. you won't believe it - but this skirt is SO old. like really old. I got it probably 10 years ago, maybe 8 years. but still, that's a long time to hang on to a skirt that I RARELY wore. now I want to wear it with everything! haha. guess that's proof that if you hang onto something long enough, it'll always come back in style ;) like embroidered denim. who knew right?! 

I love this striped tee but I especially love the swingy material and the higher neckline. it makes me feel super mod and cool, tucked into the skirt to give some shape and show off the waistband detailing. 

Hope Ave. striped tee c/o // Downeast skirt, old // Forever Young Shoes booties (found local in utah) // sunglasses, old // Francesca's necklace 

thank you for reading :) 
I hope you had a fun weekend! 

I can't believe how quickly September has gone! 

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