.stripes for days.

this tee shirt is honestly my dream tee. it's long in the back, has the cutest side slits, neckline is on point (no layering!) the sleeves are my perfect length (I love longer sleeves, always have ;) and the color selection is just too fun for fall! I think the best part though ... it's only $24! for a staple tee, that is lightweight, no layering, and can be worn countless ways ... I'm in! :) now gimme aaaallllllll the colors! 

I'm so bummed I haven't been out swimming much lately. It's been windy, we've had a bit of rain and honestly I've just had too much going on in life to swim. this look was taken before I got my hair done and let me tell you, because of a needy child ;) I think it's because she's got another tooth coming in - but it's been 5 stinkin' days since I washed it last ;) yikes! dry shampoo is my dear friend, oh and braids. braids save me! now that I've confessed I feel a lot better :) haha you can find my favorite dry shampoo here ... 

I love pairing stripes together :) my tip is make sure they're different sized stripes or that they share a common color - in today's look it's the cream that is the same :) see another stripe on stripe look here 

 BP stripe tee via Nordstrom // 88 handbags c/o // Abercrombie denim // Tory Burch espadrilles // Bela Bracelets c/o // Fossil watch // Target sunglasses, similar  

thank you so much for reading :) and for following along! 

I hope your weekend is just amazing - we're going for up for a camping day on saturday and I'm really excited! ;) not so much for the camping part lol but for Nash's extended family to meet Navi! ;)

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