.pink and polka dots.

don't mind my wind blown locks ;) every Sunday after church the wind likes to make an appearance to give some support in flowing my hair and my skirt :) giving my pictures more movement than I otherwise wouldn't've had without that wind. so, thank you wind. 

this is the outfit I wore 2 Sundays ago for teaching in Relief Society. I honestly was so afraid that I would fall over or my knees would lock and I didn't really want to be in heels, but I had a big bruise on my calf I was trying to hide - so a midi skirt had to be my option - and with a midi because I'm the height I am ;) higher heels look the absolute best :) so there you have it. my 100% honest story as to why I chose this outfit. hiding bruises people. it's a real thing. 

the polka dot skirt I got from J.Crew at the early part of spring and it has seriously become such a favorite! I LOOOOVE J.Crew for their timeless (but still fun!) pieces :) I usually only shop when they're having discounts/promotions and things are always going on sale! and I like to check J.Crew Factory too! ;) you can always score something awesome and right on trend for a great price! 

thank you for reading :) 
have a fabulous week!! 

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