.#Nsale haul video.

today I'm sharing my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale haul ... I made it into a video, so you could see the items better than just the images straight from the Nordstrom site :) I personally love haul videos, because I like hearing the mini reviews/seeing the colors/size comparison to real people. I'm also trying to grow my youtube channel and do more fashion videos so this fit right in :) 

below are close up shots of all the shoes :) I really don't know if I could pick a favorite! they're all too good! which pair do you love???? 

thank you so much for watching :) I hope you're having a fabulous day! 
I've got some busy days ahead of me this weekend ;) and quite honestly I'm SOOO ready for this weekend to be over! I've never wanted a Monday to come so fast in my life! 

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