.lil bit of pink.

somedays I just don't feel like doing my hair, so a quick braid and I'm done ;) 

another way I love to feel polished is with a pretty blouse and a pair of low heels. they're easy enough to throw on and I'm still comfortable but I look so much more put together! 

I've linked a few heels and tops I'm loving lately (since mine are both old) :)

I'm OBSESSED with this color combination ;) and I really can't remember if I've worn this outfit here before, but I wasn't about to go searching! if I did - oh well! ;) nobody probably remembers anyway! :) I think coral pink colors are SO pretty with turquoise - and the fact that this floral print had all of that in one was such a hit! I never get tired of my floral print tops :) they're staples in my wardrobe for sure!!! and I know I'll love this pattern and color combo for years to come! 

floral blouse, old  // Sole Society heels, from spring season // Abercrombie denim, similar here 

thank you for reading! 

Nash is mostly done with finals! I gave my lesson sunday in Relief Society! so woo! (most) of the stress in my life is over! ;) now I feel like for the next 3 weeks I can relax and just do my very best at work .. until Nash starts school again ;) :) 

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  1. Okay I love everything about this look! Those shoes are absolutely DARLING and I positively adore how you did your hair!
    XO Amanda | www.glitterandspice.com


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