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this outfit makes me feel like the biggest girl boss! where my fist bump emoji at?! I've been having a weird few weeks where I've been feeling a little unsure about myself and my goals. after some reevaluating and self discovery - I've decided to focus on what makes me happy and with new goals in mind I'm excited to take on this new year! (with fall coming I figured a new start can really begin anytime!) I've started working out more days in the week, I really want to be healthier and be proud of my body. no, I'm not curvy (though I wish I had more curves!) I have found comfort in being happy with my shape, and the amazing things my body can do. nothing good comes from being down about our bodies or comparing ourselves to others.

I'm the really pale girl with no curves ;) and I'm going to absolutely rock this skin I'm in.

this belt was the perfect addition to this dress! I seriously love the combination and have a feeling I'll always wear these pieces together ;) 

Rachel Parcell absolutely nailed it with this dress! the floral print is divine and the way that the back of the dress is just white is the best surprise! the fabric is a bit structured & the material is beautiful :) really this piece is sooooooo pretty! if you can snag anything from her collection I'd highly recommend one of her floral dresses or skirts

Rachel Parcell dress // Charles David heels // Kate Spade belt, similar // Mac 'snob' lipstick // Target sunglasses, old // Fossil watch 

in this outfit I feel powerful, beautiful, sexy, young, and fun :) 

not many outfits make me feel this way, but I have made a promise to myself that everything I put into my closet must bring me joy :) because purchasing 'stuff' doesn't make us happy. I want to wear clothing that makes me feel as good as this outfit does :) now I want you all to do the same! let's promise to buy/wear clothes that are a reflection of ourselves and that we can feel confident in :) because when we -feel- good in clothing, we -look- good too. that joy radiates through and we can really shine :) 

thank you for stopping by! have a great weekend! 

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