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now that we're approaching Navi's 1st birthday, I've been thinking a lot about what guides/lists/forums etc. have been useful in helping our family select what is best for us. as if growing/birthing and now taking care of the baby isn't hard enough ;) we also have to buy things for him/her. it can be really overwhelming! I've loved finding bloggers and companies that focus on sharing information as well as products that have been the most helpful in their lives :) 

I'm really excited today to be partnering with The Baby Cubby, if you've not yet heard of The Baby Cubby, they're more than just a retail website - they are a parents ultimate dream guide to everything like product reviews down to real advice from real parents! read more on their blog here :) their mission is "to create innovative, convenient, and fun shopping experiences for parents". and I can say that they accomplish just that! shopping is much more organized, informative and still fun! 

I love the concept and choice of name at The Baby Cubby too, I can quote it better than I can say it ;) so here is the story behind the name right from their site :

"Remember when you were a child and you had that special place where you put all of your favorite things? That was your cubby.
We realize now that we are parents, life is our cubby. We all have limited time, money, & health. As a child we would never put something we didn’t love into our “cubby” why should that change as an adult?At The Baby Cubby we spend hundreds of hours researching to find the best products so you can spend your time on the things that are really important in life, like your new baby. We offer exceptional products to parents in a unique, fun, & rewarding shopping experience that helps you to fill your “cubby” with only things that you love."
as busy parents, researching online is honestly one of the last things I want to spend my time on ;) and so I love how The Baby Cubby organizes everything for me. they sell anything and everything you could want/need for a sweet baby ;) there is even a section that is labeled 'Cubby Picks' where they share the best of the best, and things they just LOVE! 
today I'm specifically sharing their unique guide to selecting a stroller :) below is the chart that is used in the guide created by The Baby Cubby for choosing the right stroller. I found this easy to use as well as super helpful! it really helped narrow down things I hadn't thought of when purchasing a stroller for our family. 

do I want more than one child to ride at a time? 
will I be going on dirt or rougher terrain with my stroller?
do I care to have my child facing me? 
how big is it? how heavy is it?

the above questions are examples of similar things you'll find in the guide on The Baby Cubby

what I love VERY most about this guide is that at the end, when you've narrowed down what functions and features are your favorites, and you've decided what needs will be met with which style - The Baby Cubby has a whole list of strollers within that type. so with options to choose from you KNOW your wants/needs will be met with the recommended strollers within that category :) 

the categories are :
- single
 - double side by side
 - single modular
 - double modular
 - jogging
 - lightweight/umbrella 

this is the stroller that we have for our little family :) I wish I had known about this guide when I was pregnant because it would've been so helpful. if I were to go back and choose differently I would pick a stroller that could change the seat direction or at least hold 2 kids at a time :) but I do love our choice - the Britax Travel system B-safe and B-agile because it has been awesome for this first year with Navi. it has been a perfect stroller for our needs. 

I hope you learned something and if you're in the market for a stroller - be sure to check out the stroller buying guide! you will LOVE how helpful it is. it's not overwhelming and gets you looking at the right strollers for your family and needs :) 

if you're not in need of a stroller, check out The Baby Cubby anyway ;) they're got so much more to offer, they even sell the coveted monitor the Owlet, cutest ever diaper bags, a huge array of toys, and even fun little outfits. that's not even close to being all but I won't bore you with a list! I'll let you discover the fun for yourself at The Baby Cubby :) some of the other fun perks from shopping at The Baby Cubby are free shipping when you spend $49+ and they price match Amazon! being more than just a retail store they are a true resource :) 

thank you for reading! 
have a fabulous week!

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post in collaboration with The Baby Cubby. thoughts and opnions expressed are my own.

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