this so cute dress is the right amount of comfort and the right amount of flirty ;) I love the swingy shape and the lace sleeves just finish it off so perfectly! I'm wearing a slip extender underneath ;) (bring on all the lace!) but it would be just as cute without it too. there's something about a pinky peach and white that I think is just so right. you can't go wrong with such a bright and crisp combo :) 

everyone is starting to wear the darker fall colors (don't get me wrong, I wore olive green like all week ;) and I LOVE it) but I'm trying to hold on to summer a while longer and the bright citrus colors do so well to keep that carefree summer vibe alive! :) 

so a couple of modesty hacks!

I'm wearing a nude Half Tee undertee c/o in a cap sleeve style to disguise and keep me covered normally the shoulders would be bare through the lace, I'm also wearing a slip extender

these shoes are a dream. they're actually really comfy and it might look like my circulation is being cut off ;) lol I'll be honest, it maybe was a little. I was in these shoes for 6+ hrs on sunday but I was just fine ;) I love that they look like ballerina shoes. I just feel so feminine in pinks and lace and (almost) nothing makes me happier in an outfit ;) because let's be real, sweats are pretty great too ;) 

Bella Ella Boutique pink dress c/o // Halogen flats // Bella Ella Boutique slip extender // Bela Bracelets c/o 

don't forget too that the coupon code for 10% off at Bella Ella Boutique goes until August 15th! it's 'jensyn10' to use online :) 

thank you so much for your support :)
have a great weekend!! 

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