.yeah, I'm athletic.

I'm so excited to be sharing this look with you .. finally! if you remember my IG post, I mentioned how when someone wears gym leggings, one never knows if they just came from yoga or if they've just been lounging/running errands? ;) and I'll tell you, I didn't do either. this athleisure look is one that is great for doing ANY of those things above :) but it's also great for cleaning your house, and taking your kids for a walk to the park. cause c'mon, we can't be in our jeans ALL the time ;) 

I wore a patterned cotton tee, knotted to one side, threw on a denim jacket and carried just a small bag for an easy casual outfit. keeping this look within a limited color scheme also keeps it looking very street, and not girly like I usually dress ;) I really like dressing more urban and cool. I feel very 90's with the black, black sunnies and denim jacket and my darker lipstick! I love this one by Mac it's called 'faux'.

I have absolutely loved using my new cognac crossbody bag from 88 handbags! I didn't even realize how perfect it was going to be until I got it. it holds just what I need, so I don't end up filling my bag with junk that just weighs me down ;) my diaper bag already feels like a 'mary poppins' bag, I really don't need to be carrying two of those! ;) 

Garage denim jacket // tee c/o Hope Ave // VS leggings, more I'm loving linked below // New Balance sneakers, similar linked below // 88 - eighty eight handbags crossbody c/o // KZ shades c/o

thank you very much for reading :) every day I'm grateful for you, thank you for your support and love! happy hump day! ;) I hope your week is going quick! 

oh and be sure to check out the 88 handbags site because they're having a summer sale, making my bag only $30! ;) :) YAY!! 

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  1. Love wearing gym clothes all day long :D Great outfit!
    ♡ Kristina


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