.xo summer memories.

growing up we would travel as a family to Canada and visit my grandparents, as well as all of my other relatives that still live that way :) we usually took that vacation in the summertime and so it became tradition. now that I have my own family, we try to go at least once a year and visit :) 

the very beginning of this month, I went to Canada for the first time since having Navi and to see the joy on my grandparents' faces as they met their great-grand daughter for the first time was amazing :) she brought such a light and a sense of fun to everything :) seeing my Grandpa and uncles play with her was too fun! Navi is definitely loved by everyone - and we already can't wait to take her back again for a visit! ;) maybe we'll have to go in the fall!?!

these pictures were taken in my grandparent's yard, I love the wagon they have in the back, everything is so green and lush. ;) I wish my yard was! I love thinking about all of the summers spent playing outside, and helping in the garden, doing marshmallow roasts and going on walks. sometimes I seriously consider moving into town with my relatives. I LOVE it there. 

this outfit is really simple. oversized tee (check) .. distressed skinny jeans (check) .. sandals (check) .. cool hat (check) - in a nutshell this is like the ultimate outfit for me. I love graphic tee shirts and when I wore this out - I got a bunch of questions/compliments on it :) (I know secretly everyone loves graphic tees too) so just bust one out! wear something with a cheeky or cute saying :) or if you're not into words - try an all over pattern/print! 

also note * I have tried wearing regular/low rise denim and I - just - can't - anymore!!! like, I feel like everything just gets sucked in so perfectly in my high waist pants that that is all I want to wear/buy anymore! what about all you momma's out there - what did you wear after baby? I keep saying I'm going to work out and eat better and darn it one of these days I will ;) lol and maybe I won't need the high waisted pants anymore - any workout video/ program recommendations??? please and thank you!!! xoxo

 Cara Loren shop xoxo tee // Abercrombie denim // Asos sandals // Bohme hat, other color here // Fossil watch 

thank you for reading! 

I linked below a few other cute tee shirts! have a beautiful day! check out my IG @jensynjeppsen for a giveaway later tonight! 

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  1. Is there anything better than a great tee and jeans? I live in high rise denim, and have to admit, I was obsessed with them before I had kids! It's so nice, and special, that Navi is able to spend time with your grandparents.


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