S T R I P E S . I N . B L O O M: .that red and white.


.that red and white.

bold red suit & lip

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in honor of Canada's CANADA DAY! I thought we'd do a cute red and white swim look :) my mom is Canadian so we celebrate their holiday's too ;) I am all about getting in the pool and it's so fun now that we have Navi to play with. (why is -almost- everything more fun with kids?!) ;) I say almost, because if you have kids, then you know ;) :) but really all the fun memories and things they learn and get to explore make day to day things more exciting! 

I'm in love with this swimsuit - it's easy, simple, no fuss, but keeps you covered! can we also say, super stylish?!!! I think I need every color please!! :) 

thanks for reading! :)

happy Canada Day! 

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