.sporty & sassy gingham.

switching things up and going for a more sporty / preppy vibe today :) I wanted to feel polished, but also casual enough that I could wear this to a lunch get together or switch to flats and wear this to the park with my family :) 

I love my denim vest and am always searching for new ways to wear it - sounds silly because it just pairs over everything, but wearing it with my dressier gingham pants was a fun mix! 

I really do love my mule sandals and think they're a fun shoe, different than just a standard heel or wedge. They carry a laid back kind of feeling and bring that energy to my looks. I also am wearing just a tank top over my 'half tee' under tee - keeping things lightly layered for summer! because it has seriously been SO hot! I felt like last summer wasn't this hot and I was even pregnant! (my mini heater inside was always cooking me lol) the only way to beat the heat is to eat fruit, popsicles and swim in the pool! :) or go shopping indoors ;) what do you like to do in the summer??? 

Bohme denim vest, old // Kohl's lace tank, old // Half Tee under tee // J.Crew gingham pants // J.Crew mule sandals, old // Target sunglasses, old // Fossil watch, linked below // Bela Bracelets bangles c/o (use code Jensyn for 20% off through August 2016) 

- create my look using the links below :) -

thank you for reading :) 

I hope you got to enjoy the 4th yesterday! 
we're still in Canada just loving hanging out with family! 

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  1. I have never seen this done before, but I love it. Now I see how much of a staple a denim vest is. It's perfect for the heat and to add a little extra to any outfit. Great job!


  2. I love the combinations of textures and patterns in this look! It really does mix the vibes so well. And I'm a sucker for mules too, they are just so easy to wear and really quite comfortable!

  3. I love those pants! They can be dressed down or dressed up!

  4. Stunning pants! They are perfect with the white top!

  5. Adorable pants!! Great look. I love who you styled it with a denim vest.

    xx, Elise

  6. Those braids!! I absolutely love them!! I'll need to copy this hairstyle!

    Jenna from www.visionsofvogue.com

  7. I love this look! Such a perfect pair of gingham pants, and I love how the denim vest adds a cool vibe!


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