.my #Nsale finds.

.what i found.

here is a peek at what I found and loved at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! 
things are already selling out so I wanted to share my purchases :) 

I ordered online so I actually never got to see anything in store, which was kind of a bummer because I didn't know fit ... I haven't got these jeans yet (they're coming still) so I don't know if I'll love them enough to keep them but I absolutely love these booties - I'm SO excited to pair them with just about everything this season!

the tee shirts run a bit oversized - in a cute way! the slit is quite high on them though, so wearing an undershirt is probably a good idea ;) 

these booties are so cute, I'm torn about the color though - it's more of a brown/green which is pretty but maybe looks odd with how pale my skin is ;) I'm still deciding how to style them 

these booties are also still coming in the mail :) I'll let you know my thoughts when I get them

these flats are soooo popular. I love the fit, they're true to size and surprisingly the straps don't bother me. :) I got the nude/pink shade. they're definitely more of a blush color :) (which I LOVE)

the faux leather jacket is on backorder for a few more weeks, but I believe it's still available in black :) which honestly would be perfect too! 

my favorite top and jacket are both sold out .. but put them in your wishlist because you never know when/if they'll come back in stock :) 

thanks for reading :) have a fabulous weekend! 
and if you get the chance to shop - let me know what you get!! :) 
;) my husband says I'm done shopping lol so enjoy it for me! 

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