okay first off, I have like a zillion pictures in today's post, but really I just had to! Navi is such a natural ;) and when she's looking this cute reading books - it's hard not to want to share everything!!!  ;) we've teamed up with bookroo .. a subscription service for children's books! my very favorite part is every book is a surprise! they come wrapped up invidually like presents (which is adorable and also entertaining, Navi had fun with the paper ;) 

could you just die over that striped paper ;) I'm obsessed! 

(I just love her)

we chose to get the board book box, which contains 3 books, if you're interested in hardcover books, you'll get 2 per box :) more details on that here . the pricing I feel, is very reasonable and is pretty awesome for what you're getting! bookroo offers deals if you order for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months .. each month getting you a better value! more on pricing here. shipping to Canada and internationally is available!  

I love how the books from bookroo are so unique, the titles are ones that I've never heard of. we got one picture book, one lift the flap style and another with a puppet and cut outs! I'm so impressed with the variety and the quality! ever since we brought Navi home, even our first week home we were reading books to her. she's so smart and truly LOVES books. bookroo is a genius idea for me because I have no idea what titles are even good when I walk into a store - I want fun and maybe this is vain ;) but books that will also be pretty on the shelf and will last for years to come. 

we love reading and playing together, it's getting so fun as she's learning how to talk - she has her own little language ;) she'll say "roar" and "pup pup" for puppy :) she's growing up too fast I tell you!!! 

 I hope she always loves reading books, we joke that for Halloween she should be Princess Belle (because of the brown hair and love of reading ;) we usually like to take 3-4 books with us when we're out and about because to entertain her in the car, smaller board book styles are so ideal! the pictures are bright and she can turn the pages herself :) 

... sitting pretty :) 

bookroo box c/o 

thank you very much for stopping by! 
I hope you take the chance to check out bookroo :) you won't be disappointed! 

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thank you to bookroo for inspiring this post 
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