.another year older.

so many things have happened in the last year ...  I became a mom (that's a big life changer right there!) ;), got a better position at work, my blog is growing, I am serving in a leadership at church, my relationship with my family and especially my husband has gotten stronger. I feel more confident and happy with who I am. I know I'm in a good place as I start this exciting year being a 24 year old!

 haha, sometimes I seriously feel like I'm 18, then I talk to 18 year olds, and I feel more like 81 ;) I'm NOT with it you guys! I'm really not cool. ;) I just pretend. 

this outfit combination has been one I've been dreaming of since I bought this skirt from Rachel Parcell's spring line a few months ago. I just needed the right heels and I found these beauties just in time!! they're high (about 4 inches) the perfect nude (they also come in leather) I'm wearing the patent. I know you've heard me rant on about nude heels, and I'm definitely picky. but these... I promise they're good. 

what do you think of the pink on pink look??? would you wear it??
thank you so much for reading! 

and thank you for all of the birthday wishes :) xo!

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