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switching things up a bit today on the blog and not sharing with you an outfit ;) since being pregnant with Navi I have shared baby item wishlists, favorite baby products, children's fashion, and room tours ... well this product fits right in. :) and that's why I'm excited to show you the Hide-a-boo Hideout 

how it started ... 

"Our story is simple. Miss AshLee, a gifted educator and mom of two spitfire little girls had an idea rolling around in that creative brain of hers. She imagined a play center that kids would fall in love with and parents could easily use to encourage play. That idea sprouted and evolved into Hide-a-boo Hideouts. Colorful, fun and outright glee-inducing card table forts that are a home base for adventure and creative play."

"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood." - Fred Rogers

"Play is not just fun, stress relieving, and joyful, but kids actually learn best through play. They develop their cute little kid brains while playing and we love it! Not to mention, play promotes creativity, confidence, positive social connections, and cognitive development. COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT? Are you kidding me? It can't get better than that. With all those great benefits you'd think we'd be letting our kids play all day, right? Well, play is on the decline. Kids aren't playing as much as they used to in school or at home. At school, worksheets and drill and kill routines are crowding out play, whether it's the ever diminishing recess and arts, or just the lack of hands on learning. And at home, either for safety reasons or screen time, play just isn't what it used to be."

when I was a young kid I LOVED playing pretend and would get all my little toys, stuffed animals, doll house, pretend kitchen, etc. and PLAY! there weren't rules on how to play and I wasn't distracted by electronics the way I have seen children now. after having my own daughter (with more kids to come in the future) I know that I want them to be able to play and truly get lost in it, enjoying and having fun! that's why I love the Hide-a-boo Hideout :) 

"Miss AshLee and her creative team have thoughtfully and painstakingly developed each Hideout to grab kids attention and steer them towards play and imagination. To go along with the Hideouts, Teachables keeps kids interested—finding new and fun ways to play with their Hideouts and the BONUS of bringing back to life the toys they already have! So join us, hop on this ship (or sub, as it were) and follow us on this adventure—it’s a fun place to be!"

these hideouts are adorable, there are multiple options that have five different beautifully decorated sides, each side of the table (even the top) brings a new scene and a new way to play.

"Hide-a-boo Hideouts are here to encourage play for all kids. Hideouts are forts that slip over a card table for easy set-up and are a home base for adventure. Created with a puppet backdrop on one side and on top, an aerial view map that's also a play mat. Hideouts are incredibly versatile, giving kids endless opportunities for creative and imagination inspired play."

"Included with the Hideouts are printables we call Teachables. They give busy parents on the go (like us) a built in and pre-planned way to encourage play and learning. I know, sounds pretty incredible doesn't it? It really is. Simply print out the Teachables from our website and we provide a plethora of fun activities to keep kids imagining."

this is SOOOO handy if you are stumped or if the kids aren't feeling into it yet ;) encouraging play with games/activities is a wonderful way to break the ice and get their minds going with new ideas and new ways to imagine :) 

"Play is a place where children believe they can be anything." - Miss AshLee, Hide-a-boo co-founder

I really hope you go and support the Hide-a-boo Hideout on kickstarter! whether you have your own kids, you run a daycare center or a preschool, or if you're a grandparent - these hideouts are adorable and will be loved and played with for years to come. I personally love the castle Hide-a-boo and can't wait to choose it for Navi :) I know we will play and have just the best time learning and pretending together and as she gets older and has siblings and friends over - it'll just get more fun! I'm not even a big fan of camping but the darling camp scene Hide-a-boo might just get my vote for most adorable ;) 

which hideout do you love?? pre order yours here :) 

thank you for stopping by :) have a beautiful day! 

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quotes taken from the Hide-a-boo press info page // post in collaboration with Hide-a-boo

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