.be kind always.

be kind always ... 

for today's post I'm excited to share that I've teamed up with The Blue Envelope to help spread their positive message of loving yourself, with their hashtag #projectloveyourself. 'be kind always' is a message of love to oneself, but also to others. being on the internet/social channels, there is so much hate it the world, so many mean comments. I sit and wonder if people really are just SO mean and hurtful- it's so unfortunate that we have so much negativity in our day to day lives. that's why I LOVE the message 'be kind always'. 

being kind is a simple thought. when I was in elementary school there were some activities where we would have to come up with nice compliments to say to the other kids, but the starting letter of the word had to match up with the beginning letter of their name : example, Adam is awesome, Brooke is beautiful, etc. well I seriously always felt bad for anyone who's name started with a K because they would always get the word "kind" - and when you're 8 years old, 'kind' is a bit lame ;) now that I'm an adult, I value people who are kind and genuine. being kind is a beautiful quality and I strive to be kind always each day. I'm totally not perfect, and there are times when I'm frustrated, tired, hangry ;) (trust me, if you know me, you know!) but at the end of the day, being more patient and happy, and being kinder is my goal. :) I'm happy to have this beautiful reminder on a cute shirt so we can share this message with everyone.

these adorable bangles I mentioned on my instagram @jensynjeppsen the other day, they're by Bela Bracelets :) they're the neatest thing because they're a hair tie in a special groove on the bangle that holds it in place, making a beautiful bracelet, when you need a hair tie - you've got one! I have worn them everyday since I got them! they're so cute - whether you have a stack or just one! you can use code "Jensyn" through Aug. 31 for 20% off! 

'be kind always' tee c/o The Blue Envelope // bangles c/o Bela Bracelets // Fossil watch // Abercrombie jeans // Sole Society espadrilles // Ray Ban sunglasses // Maurice's kimono, found in store

 thank you so much for reading :) have a beautiful day! 

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thank you to The Blue Envelope & Bela Bangles for inspiring this post 


  1. So effortless, and so cool! LOVE this look!

    xx, Elise

  2. Cool look and great message!
    ♡ Kristina


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