.a DAPPER first Father's Day.

Oh how this man being a daddy makes me love him even more ;) give me all the heart eyed emoji's and kissy faces! Nash is one of my very favorite people, and while there are so many qualities I adore about him, it's his playful and happy demeanor with Navi that is so charming. as his first 'official' Father's Day I wanted to start a tradition. ;) now this tradition may not be super unique but it means a lot to me. 

When I was growing up all of us siblings would shop with my mom and pick out the best ties for our dad! We all would help and then wrap them up with a special card for him to open on Father's Day :) since there were 4 of us, he'd have to choose which to wear on Father's Day sunday ;) I even remember him switching them out throughout the day so that he could wear them all that sunday. Daddy's are sweet like that! 

Dress clothes for men can be boring or they can be fun ;) on occasion I've heard Nash say that getting dressed up, whether it's for church or a wedding (or any fancy event) isn't as great as it is for me. because for guys, they usually can only express their style through a tie, where as a woman I can wear jewelry, dresses, and of course beautiful shoes! :) :) :) 

I wanted to find ties that were stylish but still something that I knew Nash would wear, and I came upon DAPPER. They are men's wool and chambray 2" skinny neckties. seriously, the colors are great! Nash is not a preppy dresser and so bright colors, and some patterns throw him off, but with DAPPER - the ties are sexy, young and cool. The texture is amazing and really pop against a white button up. The ties would easily pair with any color shirt, looking professional, sexy and modern. Nash surprised me with his top favorites, he's usually JUST a fan of gray ;) but York, Brighton, and Preston were on the list as candidates! I'm thinking I'll get him all of those ;) because they're just too darn good! He's wearing Wells in today's post - which matched his pants like a DREAM! they were meant to be a set! 

DAPPER is based in Provo, Utah and I love supporting local, smaller companies :) I think it's great to share the love and get to see all of the amazing brands that are emerging! They're quick to ship and have a great selection! which tie are you getting your man or dad for Father's Day?? 

use code DAPPERDAD for 30% off your purchase & 4DAD for free shipping :) 

thank you for reading! :) 

Nash's look 
DAPPER tie, color Wells c/o 

Navi's look
Carter's tunic top, leggings, shoes // Knot Just A Stitch bow c/o

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post inspired by DAPPER

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  1. Thanks for the blog post! The Wells is one of our personal favorites with the slight hint of color to speckles. Happy Father's Day to your man! 👊🏼


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