.sunny sunday.

today's post is a peek at some of our day last sunday at our home together :) I just LOOOOOVE watermelon (my husband hates it) ;) how the heck can you hate watermelon?! anyways, I wanted some and it was so beautiful out, so we took Navi and just ate it outside :) the verdict is - Navi loves it too!  

there's not a lot of things that remind me of summer more than gingham! especially in this bright cobalt ;) I feel like in this top - a picnic is a MUST! 

I wore this top tied (so country ;) I know) but I love how it paired with my lace skirt. to keep things preppy and sophisticated, I added my neon pointed toe pumps :) swap them out for wedges or cute flats and you'll really be picnic ready. 

 AEO button up (old) // Abercrombie skirt, no longer online - but linked a ton of cute ones below // Kate Spade heels, more color below // Bela Bracelets bangles c/o (use code Jensyn for 20% off your purchase through August 2016)

thank you for stopping over :) 

have a beautiful day! 

I need to take a poll .... who likes watermelon and who doesn't? ;) :) 

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.red, white and lace.

here's a fun little fourth of July inspiration for you! :) over the weekend I got thinking about how I didn't have ANY 4th posts up for you guys, and I was just feeling so behind. so I started sorting through my clothes, and attempted to pick out a fun outfit that would be an easy inspiration for something to wear for the holiday weekend, and .... I had over 8 outfits ;) HA! here I was feeling so unprepared when I realized that I actually have a lot of cute red, white and blue in my closet :) I was definitely surprised. :) this white lace kimono duster has been such a favorite recently and I'm so happy I bought it. I haven't found it online but definitely check your local Maurice's for it in store. 

I'm super excited we'll be going up to Canada to visit my family for the 1st of July (their Independence Day) :) and will also be celebrating the 4th up that way. so more red and white outfits are sure to be in my future ;) 

Maurice's lace duster (found in store) // AEO men's red tee, linked similar below // Abercrombie denim // Fossil watch // Payless wedges (old) // Bela Bracelets bangles c/o (use code "Jensyn" for 20% off your purchase through August 2016) 

thank you very much for reading!

 what will you be wearing for the 4th??? :)

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.bathroom refresh with Holster.

I'm really pumped about today's post because for the last few days I've been painting and giving our upstairs bathroom the cutest little refresh! I've always had the gray/blue color scheme and the cabinet when we bought the home was just a plain wood color, I knew eventually I'd want to paint it - and here we are 1-1/2 years later! DONE! :) it feels so good to get my house in order, and finally feel like it's OUR own home. decorating and organizing how I want is great but sooo time consuming, not to mention tedious and pricey! so I'm always on the hunt for fun things that are cute but function in my day to day too ... that's where the Hot Iron Holster comes in. 

Hot Iron Holster is "a heat resistant silicone holder for hot styling tools". I was seriously shocked at how 'sticky' the silicone is, and how well it holds on to the countertop. ;) I'm addicted! I now want them for my kitchen sink (for the annoying scubbing wand that always falls everywhere!) and for the tub (to hold soaps/toys) and for the crafters! (they even make holsters to hold everything from markers to scissors). 

I've been using the Hot Iron Holster everyday since I got it and I think it's amazing! I have a flat countertop, but this would be sooooo fabulous for anyone who has a pedestal sink or really tiny, tiny counters! it's great for traveling because of it being heat resistant, you can roll up your hot irons inside and do your hair just about anywhere :) 

I chose just a simple gray shade for my Hot Iron Holster, but there a variety of colors to suit decor and personal style ;) trust me! I really wanted the pink one :) I'm really excited to keep using my Hot Iron Holster and like I said earlier, buy more of the different styles for different functions ;) because that darn scrubby brush is annoying falling in my sink all the time! the Hot Iron Holster is great for curling irons, curling wands and blow dryers too! if it heats up - the holster has you covered ;) I also love that it's super easy to clean and store. now what're you waiting for?? get your holster today! 

keep scrolling for my latest hair and makeup routine tutorials :) 

a quick makeup product update too (since I've had requests/questions) ;) so here you go! the products listed are my go-to's that I've been using for the past 6 (or so) months :) 



mascara, I use the blackest black .. eye shadow (soft brown & wedge)  


powder .. brush, similar here 

 to see my latest makeup routine tutorial  .... 

to see my updated hair curling tutorial .... 

thank you so much for stopping by! :) 

I hope you have a fabulous week! and let me know if you try out the holster for yourself! 

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post in collaboration with Holster Brands * all thoughts and opinions are my own


.boho summer maxi.

I don't think I have loved any maxi dress more than this one right here from Pink Blush. I love the colors, I love the fabric. I love the sleeves (because no extra layers! woo!) I love that it's affordable ;) it's stretchy too, perfect for pregnancy and for you nursing momma's! easily this will be a dress that I'll be reaching for, for years to come! I styled it much more boho glam than I typically dress - but I LOVE IT! there's something about summer that gets me in that mood :) ;) where I just want to run in fields and be barefoot and not do my hair ;) anyone else?? haha, okay, maybe that last part is all the time. aaaannnnddd that's what hats are for! ;) :)

for reals though, I wear hats to protect my hairline from sunburn, to cover my unwashed hair ;) but mostly for style. I love how hats elevate even the simplest of outfits into something dramatic and bold. 

I have been wearing Mac "coral bliss" almost every day since I got it! it's such a faint coral and is so smooth. I now have 3 Mac lipsticks - and the obsession lives on! NEED ALL THE LIPPIES! lol what are your favorites???? I have Snob, Faux and Coral Bliss but am always up for adding to the collection! :)

I'm running a giveaway on my instagram @jensynjeppsen with Pink Blush - because we want you to have something beautiful and new too! one lucky winner will receive a $50 gift card to Pink Blush to pick out whatever catches their pretty little eye ;) it could be you! all details are on my instagram so be sure to follow there :) 

these bangles are actually hair tie holders! ;) is that just nuts, apparently this is not a new concept - I'm just slow to the trends I guess ;) but I had to share again because I'm obsessed! I wear (at least) one bangle everyday! and using 'jensyn' as your code you get 20% OFF your purchase here :) my personal favs are the scalloped bracelets, they're just the right amount of detail for any look!

you are never too old to twirl in a pretty dress 

and sometimes the simple details are what make an outfit pop, like the adorable sash on this dress. I tied it in the back into a dainty bow :) bows are my jam.

Pink Blush floral dress c/o // Bela Bracelets bangles c/o (use Jensyn for 20% off through Aug. 31) // Fossil watch // Asos hat, linked similar below // Asos sandals // Mac lipstick in "coral bliss" // Francesca's earrings and necklace, similar here (high end version linked below) // Target sunglasses, similar linked below // tassel crossbody bag, gifted but linked other bags below 

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don't forget to head to my instagram to enter the giveaway for the $50 giftcard to Pink Blush

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post in collaboration with Pink Blush * all thoughts and opinions are my own

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