.prints with my girl.

my outfit - striped top, old // Abercrombie denim // Vans shoes (get my look by shopping the links below)

Navi's outfit - Carter's top & bottom set // Modern Piggy bow // Olly Oaks moccs

at home we're usually just comfy, in easy clothes, just playing and lounging :) I don't like to keep Navi in 'stuffy' clothes for too long, she's always been wiggly and now that she's rolling and trying to crawl we've found that comfy is best! I love her in bright colors! and like her mama ;) I'm sure she'll grow up to love mixing prints and bold colors! 

we are loving this 8 month stage. she's loving eating her 'puffs' and peas, pears and peaches are all her favorites! books are still one of the best entertainers ;) and she absolutely loves being held!!! she's a mommy AND daddy's girl. as long as one of us is near she's usually very happy. she's still nervous of strangers and HATES being put down on a changing table. her temper and patience unfortunately are more like my own ;) and I'm working on that. :) we love our Navi girl! 

have a great day!

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  1. Such sweet photos!! Love the simplicity of your look.

    xx, Elise


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