.loving lately - early may.

Here's my favorites video for a few things I've been loving recently. 

Fish Food Tees   

some cute shots of these tees, I actually talked to the company owner and they're discontinuing these "mama" and "wifey" sayings --- however! more awesome things are coming! :) so check out her shop, she also does custom work so you could literally get whatever you like ;) 

the above pics were when Navi was just about a month old. 

I was 'really' close to the end of my pregnancy here! these tees stretch wonderfully! 

and of course, my beloved 'wifey' tee :) 

thanks so much for reading (and watching!) 

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  1. Number 1, love these tees!! 2. I can not believe that was towards the end of your pregnancy, I feel like I looked like that at 16 weeks! and 3. You looked amazing immediately after Navi was born!! Lady, you are gorgeous!

    xx, Elise

    1. thank you, you're truly so sweet ;) these tee shirts are my lifesavers!!!


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