.first mother's day.

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My outfit : Wayf dress via Nordstrom // Sole Society heels // necklace, old 

Navi's outfit : Carter's dress & tights // Olly Oaks moccs // Modern Piggy bow // Robjant Couture bracelets

I'm so excited this Mother's Day, as I'm celebrating with my baby actually here (not just in my belly ;) she is the best joy! and I am so grateful I'm her momma! :) motherhood isn't perfect, because we're not perfect people. but I'm so happy that she's here to help me be a better person. Navi has challenged me in so many ways. ;) and yes, I said challenged not changed. I'm tested because of who I want to be for her. The kind of role model that I want my daughter to strive to be like. The type of woman that I want her to look up to, and emulate. I want her to be confident, love herself, and her body. Embrace her differences, and her own unique talents. I know I'll have my rough days (and I do) but I'm happy knowing she'll love me and I'll love her. Raising a little one is no small task, and I'm totally not prepared for when my child can actually talk back ;) HA! I'm seriously lucky to have a supportive best friend, my husband. ;) as gross as it is, I couldn't have become a mommy without his help :) and he's the cutest daddy! He loves his girls and although we're not a perfect team, with God's help we can be. We can raise our babies in a good and loving home where they will know their worth, and their potential. I'm very happy I grew up in a home like that. :) 

now let's be straight up, ;) I hardly ever dress fancy. I'm not a glamorous girl. I'm usually in jeans, very likely sweats ;) and a tee, smelling like spit up, with dishes in the sink, dust on my blinds and a pile (or three) of laundry that needs folded. I'm learning VERY quickly that these sweet babies, don't stay babies. So I'm (trying) to be fine with the house not being perfectly clean, my sweet little Navi needs me, she needs my attention. Those "messes" are okay. Clothes can be washed, toys can be picked up later. somedays Nash will come home from work and the first thing I do is complain about how I didn't get everything done on my to-do list or I'll apologize for books stacked by the couch or dinner not being ready. but you know what? it's okay. I spent my day playing, reading and snuggling my little one. I need that reminder probably more than any of you, but I thought I'd share my thoughts. just in case someone else needed to hear too :) ;) being a mom is tough. I didn't realize how hard. I feel drained most days. a quote I absolutely love is by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland "to all mothers in every circumstance, including those who struggle - and all will - I say, be peaceful. believe in God and yourself. you are doing better than you think you are". A friend reminded me of this quote exactly when I needed it most. we put so much darn pressure on ourselves and we need to just enjoy life. I was having a stressful few days, and Navi teething (and a bunch of other things) were really just not helping, she was crying and I just sobbed. I didn't know what to do. I felt so helpless but I remembered those many nights I'd sob because of how badly I wanted a baby ... I had wanted this. So I took my sweet little girl and just held her tighter, gave her that extra attention and forgot about myself and my selfish wishes. I remembered how badly I wanted to be her mommy and how different things were without her. I had to just live in that moment and be grateful. sure it was 3 pm and I hadn't showered yet, but I'm so happy she's here and I need to remember that always. 

ps. I had to share a ton of pictures, because miss Navi was just too cute! and you bet a bunch of these are going to be printed up ;) now if only daddy would've joined in! 

thank you very much for taking the time to read! 
I so appreciate you!! 

Happy Mother's Day! 

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  1. Love your thoughts on being a mom! You both look so adorable! I hope you had an amazing first Mother's Day!!

    xx, Elise

    1. Thank you so much :) I always appreciate your sweet words and comments :)

  2. The two of you are just adorable together! I am the same, I don't really dress up much unless I'm going to church or a date night. :) That white dress looks beautiful on you and I love the color of heels you paired with it. Happy belated Mother's Day!


    1. Thank you so much! I feel like everybody has this dress, I bought it when I was pregnant and it's definitely a go to for me!

  3. You look gorgeous in your white dress, and Navi is adorable. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, and enjoyed reading your thoughts on motherhood. It's so hard, yet so rewarding!

    1. Thank you for all of your sweet words :) I have never felt like I'm a good writer .. others relate motherhood so much more beautifully, but thank you ;)


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