.DIY : clothespin magnet clips.

you will need : 

 I bought mine already cute and colored, for even more DIY fun you could paint your own! or use washi tape! 

magnet strips 
I am using leftover magnet pieces from magnets I've punched out, no need to waste around here ;) 

hot glue gun (not featured) scissors 

you are ready to get started making your own cute magentic clothespin clips! 

cut thick enough pieces of magnet, so that they will fit the width of your clothespin 

this tip is important because the magnet will be stronger and hold better if it is glued to the side that is the opening/holding side rather than the side you pinch to have it open up (I hope that makes sense) ;) I put the arrows below in the image to help show the side I'm talking about. :) 

just using a small dab of glue will do the trick, the magnet isn't very thick and you don't want any excess glue coming off the sides of the clothespin, ALSO note that any added weight from too much glue will make these not very strong. 

and voila! 

easy peasy ;) I love them and they're perfect for your fridge to hold notes, grocery lists, pictures. Hang them in your office (or locker) somewhere that you can display all your cute picture inspiration or in my case, paint swatches ;) we're getting paint happy around here and I can't wait to show you in the coming months all the fun decor projects I have going on. 

thanks for reading :)
let me know if you make these :) tag me on Instagram @jensynjeppsen so I can see if you share your projects! 

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