.5 maybelline lip shades for spring.

today I'm sharing 5 of my favorite Maybelline lipstick shades that are perfect for the spring and summer seasons :) I have neutrals and bold colors! there is something for everyone, or everything for someone ;) I definitely love all of the shades and think that MANY people can pull off even the deeper purple toned berry lipstick. it just takes the confidence to rock it - and you can! 

I think it's great to see swatches of the lipsticks .. because trust me. I buy a lot. and I like to have an idea of what I'm getting before I purchase it. I usually do as much research as I can (sounds silly I know!) but stores like Sephora and makeup counters allow you to test out their products before you buy so you know what it looks like before you commit. drugstore brands don't have that luxury of offering the testers. so I'll usually go on youtube or pinterest and look up swatches. I always feel like seeing the color on the hand doesn't always match up to what's on the lips. So I've done both. I'm VERY fair skinned. so keep that in mind, because on varying shades of skin - these colors will appear differently. 

Maybelline is definitely one of my very top, top, top rated drugstore brands for lipstick. I have enjoyed each one and while the color isn't super opaque - you can build it to whatever coverage you're looking for :)  

peachy nude

mauvey pink nude 

classic baby barbie pink 

neon coral

deep purple fuchsia 

which color is your favorite? if I didn't list one of your favorite Maybelline lipsticks, leave the name in the comments :) I'm always down for trying new ones! 

:) I hope you enjoyed this post!! 

good luck finding the perfect spring shades for you this year!

 thanks for reading!!

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  1. I am loving each of these colors!! Scrolling up and down trying to figure out which one I love best!! So beautiful, as are you!

    xx, Elise

  2. I actually need some Spring shades and I love that I can pick up Maybelline close to anywhere! Thanks for sharing this :) I really love the hibiscus pop!


  3. Beautiful shades, shocking coral is so pretty!
    Rachel xo

  4. Ohh I love those shades for the season!

  5. I want the peach poppy one!! I'm typically all for the darker lip colors, but the past few weeks I've been hooked on anything corals. Although the last one does have cabernet in the name....;) Beautiful picks!
    Darling, Dearest


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