Cara Loren shop 'xoxo' tee // New Balance sneakers, love these too // Kohl's moto jacket, old // Abercrombie denim

feelin' pretty fly in my new balance sneaks and a moto jacket. ;) this isn't a usual combination for me so I was a tad nervous (fashion bloggers can get nervous trying new things too!) I kept the styling and color palette very simple so I wouldn't take away from how easy and effortless I wanted this look to be. I can easily over do something - I actually really try to minimize my details and go for an effortless look, it doesn't always end up that way though. 

does anyone else struggle with dressing minimalistic? 

I also don't usually do black clothing without a pop of color, but here we are 2016. and I'm all for going out of comfort zones and trying new things :) 

thanks for stopping by!

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