.current makeup routine.

today I'm sharing my current makeup routine :) from all the products I use to the actual application process. I'm not really a makeup guru and certainly not a professional, but I do enjoy makeup and have fun ;) (mostly with lipstick though!) that's where I get creative and try new things. I like to stick with what I know works for me for everything else on my face - I'm not really into eye liner and haven't found a bronzer that is perfect for my fair skin yet (if you know of any holler at me!) ;) so skin and simple eyes are my focus and lips bring in that special punch of color and sass! 

what's your key feature you highlight on a daily basis? :) 

to shop products ... 

makeup : 
eye shadow 'soft brown' & 'wedge' // mascara

brushes : 

 photo jensynsig_zps5647e22c.png

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