.couch chillin'.

hanging out together is the thing to do in our home. when daddy (Nash) is at work, it's just us girls and so besides doing chores / working on blog stuff, we're playing! :) reading books, snuggling and petting Berlin (our dog) are a few of the things we do. 

Navi was a bit sad in some of the pictures, but give her a bottle and man, she's good to go! she loves grabbing our faces, pulling hair and scratching whatever she can. she's a good pincher too. ;) 
we just love everything she does and can't get enough of her. we lay her down to sleep and we'll talk about her from our day and look at pictures of her on our phones .. we're seriously obsessed ;) :) 

I can't even believe she's 6 months old. like, can I just cry about that for a moment?! it's so fun going through all these different stages with her and I'm so happy she's still such a snuggler. our dog loves to snuggle too, so I've been spoiled with a lovey family. I might lose it when I have a non cuddly kid. mommas need snuggles more than kids do I think ;) 

thanks for taking a peek at our day :) 

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