.etched blouse.

 Forever 21 blouse // necklace and bracelets (borrowed from sister) get the look, linked below // Abercrombie jeans // Steve Madden sandals 

this blouse is easily one of my favorite purchases this season, I'm in love with it! I love how easy and versatile it is, to make it more casual or dressy. the back is sooooo pretty too (where it has a slit), I also am obsessed with the fact that it has short sleeves and I just need a lightweight cami underneath. no crazy fix for cute tank tops anymore. I love a good, pretty short sleeve. uhm, and it's from Forever 21! like holla!!!! how cool right?! 

I'm super glad the weather has been nicer, I'll be honest though, it was still kind of breezy ;) but I can't complain because it could be worse! my sandals I know will get a ton of wear this year and I'm on the hunt for more cute sandals because I don't think I can take tying these day after day, multiple times a day ;) my ankles will thank me too. yay for cute shoes! double yay for flip flops!! ;) amiright?! 

I hope you have a really, really fun day! thanks for stopping over! :) 

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.serenity blue staples.

Forever 21 blouse // Target sunglasses // Tory Burch espadrille flats via Nordstrom Rack (found in store) // Hollister denim, old 

blue has always been a really big color crush of mine (probably has to do with my skin, hair and eyes - they all just pop against blues!) but since Pantone announced Serenity as a color of the year, we're seeing this gorgeous shade everywhere! and I'm so happy about it! by the way, my blouse = best ever! it's so comfortable, has a great fit and comes in waaay too many cute colors! I wanted to buy them all! :) and who would've guessed it's from Forever 21?! 

and while out shopping I went to Nordstrom Rack (because it's a must to check out their shoe section, that's where I usually find really sweet deals) and of course, I scored. I found my Tory Burch espadrilles I splurged on (got 'em for $80 tho!) but I've linked a few similar ones that are seriously cute! because blue and stripes are a 'duh' in my book. 

what do you think of this shade 'serenity'? would you wear it??? :)

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.styling a clothing rack.

to shop similar products mentioned ... 

here are a few guidelines to follow when styling and organizing your clothing rack

-showcase new purchases

-limit color scheme

-use the same color / style of hanger

-organize by color or item type 

-use shelving for display / storage

-lets you see what's in your closet

-bring out the trendy pieces

-be inspired

-change it up as often as you like 

thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed! good luck with your clothing rack stylings - tag me if you take pictures because I'd love to see! :) 

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.denim has me grounded.

denim vest via Bohme // J.Crew sweater // Flying Monkey denim via Bohme, similar linked below // Target wedges & sunglasses, old // Fossil watch, similar linked below

I love to wear lots of color, especially together. This look though I felt, needed something a bit more than just the solid top, solid pants and solid shoes ... a denim vest! typically I wear denim as my pants but where I opted for a dusty purple shade instead, a little bit of denim pulls the whole thing together. denim keeps the look grounded and cohesive. 

it was windy when we did these pictures, so hand to the head shots are what we got! ;) 

I'm ultra obsessed with this sweater from J.Crew! it's lightweight, so perfect for warmer months or for layering during colder months. and it comes in like every color you can think of :) 

have a great day! thanks for stopping by!

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.be pink.

NY & Co blouse, old // My Sister's Closet Boutique skirt c/o // Steve Madden sandals // Target sunglasses 

it's no secret that my favorite color is pink, and so I am so excited today to share with you My Sister's Closet Boutique and their mantra "Be Pink". Pink is known as being a happy, loving, peaceful and sweet color. It represents friendship and approachability. those who know me personally know I'm really obsessed with pink ;) from wanting everything in my wardrobe to be pink, to the fact that (almost) every single room in my house has something pink in it. "Pink" is even part of my license plate ;) shh! that's our secret! My husband doesn't understand why I would ever want a pink front door ;) so I've lost that battle, but that doesn't mean I can't have a pink wreath! or pink flowers lining our home. Pink to me, is everything. If I could describe my personality in a color, it'd have to be .. what'd'ya know?? .. :) pink. 

Pink is fun and girly, it is soft and sweet. 
Pink is pretty and feminine.
Pink is happy.
Pink is the kind of woman I want to be. 

I want to be known for being a great friend, for being approachable, for being sweet and kind. I want to be that "pink" woman. the one who is generous, and gives service. the woman that loves her family, and her friends and shows it, and importantly, I want to be a woman that loves herself. Pink also represents a love for oneself. to "Be Pink" for me, means that I can be confident and be my best self. and be proud of who I am, and what I like. wearing the color pink gives me that confidence :) I think that's why I love pink lipstick so much ;) there's a wide array of pink shades too, so really there is an option for everyone! :) and I know there are ladies that don't necessarily love the 'color' pink, but let's embody what pink means and Be Pink together! 

this adorable stretch skirt I paired with a floral blouse to accent the bright pink, and a simple sandal was the perfect match for the first day of spring! (I wore this Sunday). I love how bright this skirt is and because it's textured, I feel more comfortable in it even though it's fitted - and the price! AMAZING! ;) you won't believe it. I typically choose lighter shades but felt this fuschia was the perfect piece for this spring and summer! 

What does "Be Pink" mean to you? 
thanks for reading! 

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Post in collaboration with My Sister's Closet Boutique 


.this valley girl.

J.Crew gingham pants // Hollister tee, old // necklace via Rocksbox last year // J.Crew loafers, similar linked below // Colourpop lipstick 'oujii

first off .. this view! ;) and I'm not referring to me folks! haha! I love where Nash took me to take pictures. I love that in Utah we have mountains, cities and then places like this. I think it's so cool that the mountains are the backdrop (they almost look fake right??!) and then looking down onto Farmington city (that looks pretty fake too, but I promise it's real!) ;) 

so let's chat about this outfit. the moment I saw these pants I knew I wanted them. ;) yes, they're a bit loud and kind of different - they're certainly NOT jeans. I'm pretty sure that's why I liked them so much. they give a different silhouette and elevate my wardrobe. I can think of outfits to wear every season revolving around these pants. they're fun and unique and I feel like they suit me. :) I wanted this look to be young and graphic. By pairing these gingham structured pants with a snug graphic tee, it kept the outfit more urban, I paired a fun necklace and bright shoes to pop against the dark and light neutrals. of course I played with lipstick and chose a bright orange-y coral shade to balance the brights out. 

I'm really excited to share with you how I'll be styling these pants all spring and summer long. I'm going to be doing more series types of posts where I'll showcase how to style certain pieces in multiple ways :) I personally love when bloggers do that and I have done it in the past, I feel like these special gingham pants deserve that kind of attention ;) 

what types of things would you like me to highlight in future posts? 

thank you for reading :) 
have a fab weekend!! 

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