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.mustard mini.

mustard mini

mini dress // denim ($40!) // bag // watch // lipstick // sunglasses // booties 

I'm really loving today's wishlist outfit, reason #1: these sunglasses are basically like you're stealing! the whole site is sooooo stinkin' cheap ;) which for me means ... must buy all the sunglasses! hahaha, no but for realzzz I'm way stoked I came upon this site. reason #2 : this look is effortless, throw on an adorable mini dress or tunic (instead of tee shirt) and put on cute but still comfy thick heels (instead of flats) and now you've got a date night look, an out with the girls look, or just lookin' smoking hot at the store with my kids look ;) :) I love the idea of pairing a mini dress over jeans because let's face it ... some dresses are just too short to wear as a real dress, like c'mon that's not realistic. it's such a trend right now and I'm so on board! 

would you wear this look? 

thank you for reading!! :) 

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