.buttoned up and standing pretty.

Hollister chambray top // Joann necklace // Target wedges, old // J.Crew skirt (last year) // Fossil watch 

this season I have a big fat crush on pink and blue together, and a chambray top is usually in the mix. ;) see here and here  

I love this skirt, it makes me feel so feminine and pretty, I think every girl needs at least one skirt or dress they know they'll feel pretty in. I linked a few cute ones below :) 

so let's just talk about these platform wedges, they're old. like probably 7 ish years old. I'm always debating throwing them out - but I actually kinda dig them now ;) they have a clunky nature to them and they reference the 70's a wee bit, so you might just see me in them often this summer. it's totally not in my comfort zone to do 70's/ boho trends, so I'll be branching out and incorporating those details into my preppy/girly wardrobe. :) (the fringe wedges below are totally a favorite!)

how do you like to incorporate opposite styles into your wardrobe? :)
have a great day! thanks for stopping by!

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.braids, boots and buds?!.

black embroidered tee via Bohme, old // Target cardigan, old (similar linked below) // NY&Co scarf, old // Abercrombie denim // Hunter boots (linked below)

I'm always on the lookout for pretty floral patterns or fun floral details. Just like stripes and pink, floral prints are an expression of what I like and are something that I feel not only suit my blog name ;) but represent my girly style too. 

this outfit was something I threw together really quick because I was heading out the door to run a couple errands, it had been raining so I was super glad I wore my Hunter boots, they kept my feet nice and dry and I didn't fear if I stepped in a puddle ;) as for my scarf ... tying a long scarf into an infinity loop is one of my favorite tricks :) making any scarf more versatile

also side note ... I'm super happy I'm getting my hair colored tonight :) can you guess what I'm doing? 

thank you always for reading and checking my blog out :) 

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Hollister sweater, lace version here // VS Pink v neck (for layering) // Abercrombie jeans // Vans socks // Vans shoes (mine are from last year)

(create a similar look using the links below) :)

I'm so over the cold weather ;) and luckily, we've had some nice days (inbetween some rainy and snowy ones) and so I haven't had to wear a coat but have needed something a little warmer than just a tee shirt. I decided to layer a v neck under a cable knit sweater for a change. I think it looks super cute and adds that warmth I was looking for as well as dimension to my outfit. Layers are a great way to look more put together - even if the look is casual :) 

these shoes I bought last spring and seriously love them! I was super stoked to bust them out of my closet and wear them out :) I am on a shoe kick this year and it's only February!! ;) oops! I'm really addicted to easy shoes, like Vans, New Balance, and any form of flat. maybe it's the mama in me, but I want practical shoes more than 'sittin' pretty on a shelf cuz I sure am not wearing them' kind of shoes. ;) you all know those types of shoes!! 

enough shoe talk ;) have a fun monday! 

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.just a little xoxo.

don't even ask, haha some of these pictures are as awkward as they come, aaannndd I'm okay with it! things are about to get real. like, really really real. so sorry folks if you don't care, and are only here for the clothes --- you can skip this rant I'm about to give. 

I'm not a perfect person.
(spoiler alert - nobody is) ;) 

because of that I have my good days and my bad moments. something else we all need to know is that most people (including myself) don't want the bad, sad, disappointing, frustrating, tired, sick, upsetting, etc. moments to be blown up on the big screen for the world to see. BUT we all have those moments!

you see, I forget that. I forget that what I'm seeing in pictures isn't somebody's whole life. I'm only seeing what they want me to see. marriages aren't perfect, kids aren't perfect, work isn't perfect, the fancy ladies wear sweats too ;) and there's a lot of blood, sweat and tears behind the scenes. unfortunately, I get caught up in it. 

the other day I was having a really bad day, probably a mix of 'girl time' hormones and stress and a thought crossed my mind as I did my makeup and was thinking the worst things about myself.

so imagine you're talking with your husband, mom, sister or even girlfriends and a girl were to walk in the room ... would you say things like "ew, your hair is the ugliest I've ever seen", "you're a horrible mom and you don't have it all together", "geez, all you wear is jeans and you look stupid", "how come you don't have dinner ready for your husband every night, don't you think he deserves it?" I could come up with zillions of mean comments or questions for this girl, all negative and putting her down ... what if I told you that girl that walked in, was yourself.

 why are we the biggest bullies to ourselves?? what did that poor girl do to deserve such negative judgements?! 

it needs to stop.

it's a battle daily to look in the mirror and not find a flaw, or to stop the comparisons, but I challenge us all to do it :) we'll be happier in our homes, marriages, and finally feel like we can start living our own lives! we are important and we deserve to love ourselves. we shouldn't think of our worth based on how many likes we get or if we're better than somebody else. 

I'm a goof. I really sort of hate pretending to be a model so I can have this "style" blog, even though some days get really hard, it all comes down to being me, and not trying to be like anyone else, my blog has brought joy but also frustration, and only when I've compared my journey has it torn me up. 

one of my favorite quotes is "a flower doesn't think of competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms" I love this because each one of us has talents and we are unique enough that we're all equal. no one of us is better than the other. there's room enough for all of us to share our talents in this life.

so I'll just be here doin' my thing and if you like it, stick around :) I'm happy to have you!

:) xoxo

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.in 4 years.

 striped tee, old, very similar here // cardigan, old // Abercrombie jeans // Franco Sarto booties via Nordstrom Rack // Asos hat, similar here 

 Navi .. bow // moccs 

today FOUR years ago Nash popped that special question that led to our marriage that fall, 10.11.12 and here we are!! :) our own home, a baby, our dog and days that are never long enough!! 

:) he's my bestie and I'm glad we get this life together .. he's THEE most patient guy, seriously it must be all us ladies in the house and the fact that his wifey is a bit o' drama rama ;)  but he keeps us in check ;) I'm very grateful for him :)

this look is what I wore on Monday for President's day, I worked in the evening so it was fun to hang out with my cute family in the day and let me tell you waffles and dog haircuts make for good date days ;) I love girly outfits but I also love being comfy and there is never anything wrong with a neutral cardigan and stripes!! especially when you tell your husband to pick something out and he pairs them together ;) I've trained him well. :) ;) hahaha! he claims he doesn't know fashion but he does ;) 

I hope you guys have a fun week! :) 
thanks for reading!! 

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.designer look for less // spring shoes.

spring shoes : Look for Less



I love finding those hidden gems that look like the real thing but were a total steal ;) sure it'd be nice to have the designer everything - but that's not real life AND if you could save some money, wouldn't you?? ;) I picked out a few styles that I just love for the coming spring season and found more affordable options!! :) 

I am a shoe addict so new shoes are so fun to me but I want to know what you love :) what would you like to see in the 'designer look for less' series?? I've done a bunch of these before so if you'd like to see more just search 'designer look for less' or 'look for less' in the side bar and it'll take you right to outfits and other fun wishlists I've created :) 

have a great day! thanks for reading! 
(now if the weather would just cooperate so I could wear my spring stuff ;)

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