.warm and fluffy.

bohme cardigan, found in store // lularoe dress, other brands linked below // franco sarto booties via nordstrom rack 

today's look is what I wore this yesterday for church, I know I need to be in comfortable walking shoes because with Navi, I never know if I'll have to be out in the hall for long periods of time. she's a funny one, she isn't very fond of being quiet ;) Sacramement Meeting and Relief Society are the two hours she struggles with then she's a happy clam in our Sunday School class (full of 14-15 year olds that she easily distracts ;) but it's okay. Navi is just so cute!!) and how stinkin' cute is Berlin!? she was so happy to see me and jump in on the action!

it's still just been so cold here in Utah and with my mom giving me this darling wrap cardigan for Christmas I knew it'd be the perfect day to wear it! I absolutely love the warmth and yummy cream shade in the cardigan paired with the green and to make the outfit a bit more woodsy I added the tan suede booties. I wore this dress a couple weeks ago too, but this dress is one of the only ones that fits me right now ;) (and I quote Mean Girls when I say that ..) I'm not back all the way to my pre-pregnancy weight and so stretchy dresses it is! 

I hope you have a fun start to your week!
I still haven't taken our Christmas tree down ;) I'm such a slacker! so that's what I -might- be doing ;) just might. 

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