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I came upon the Owlet monitor through Instagram, I follow a variety of new mom's and their blogs and within a few days time, 3 momma's wrote and spoke of Owlet. I was SO interested and began researching this new brand of monitor. 

The Owlet monitor tracks the heart rate and oxygen levels of your baby while they're wearing the sock and while the base station is plugged in, pulse oximetry is the technology that allows this information to be transmitted. Pulse oximetry is used in hospitals and is proven to work, it's used in the lights that are in the finger clips they use to track heart and oxygen levels. 

When we first brought Navi home, our pediatrician recommended we wake her every few hours in the night to feed her because she was so tiny, and needed to eat often yet she was so young and new, she wouldn't wake herself. I'd set my alarm every night with 2-3 hour intervals. This worked for a little while, now Navi can wake us up on her own, but shortly after we brought her home Navi started doing something that would scare us. 

She would begin choking on her own saliva. It would happen when she would eat, or anytime she was laying down for a period of time. We have a bouncer that she sits in whenever we're not holding her, but even if she'd nap in it for a bit sometimes she'd choke when we would take her out or place her in her carseat. Luckily, when it happens I've been there to try to burp her or pick her up quickly and she's been able to come out of it - but there's been a few scary times. Her face gets bright red and she's making no sound but her mouth is open like she's screaming... it breaks my heart and I try to stay calm but it is definitely not a fun thing! 

While all of this was happening, at first a few times a week, then daily, I got super paranoid that this would happen when she was asleep and I wouldn't be able to hear her. We have her bed in the bassinet elavated a bit but I'm still weary about her being in her actual crib in her own room. I know since sometimes I don't wake up to my phone alarm, I either wouldn't hear it or it wasn't going off ... I was afraid I wouldn't wake up to my sweet baby. 

Now this is where the Owlet comes in. 

This monitor has a dock station, as well as an app that is designed to send notifications / sound an alarm if something is wrong with the signal through the sock. It even notifies when the sock has fallen off or if it's not on properly. I LOVE that this monitor has a loud enough and distinct enough sound that I DO actually get up in the night to help Navi. ( I don't want to jinx it, but she hasn't had a choking incident in a bit, the doctors said it was something she'd hopefully grow out of, so I'm hoping we're at that point! ) but I know that I can sleep at least a bit more peacefully knowing I have a reliable monitor that I can hear. I'm not ready to put her in her own room yet, I have her bassinet -right- next to my side of the bed so I can peek at her anytime but having the base station in my room and when we do transition her over to her crib, knowing I'll have another source to notify me definitely gives peace of mind.

the sock comes in 3 sizes for different stages of life and it's really easy to put on, Navi doesn't even mind it being on. She likes to kick and I'll admit it she has gotten it off before but the base station and app alert and make a sound so I know I can put it back on - what's really nice too is the alarms and colors that come from the base station are different for each level of notification. if the sock comes off or if the connection is lost - the sock turns yellow and the sound is a peaceful song, if the heart or oxygen levels get out of normal range it turns red and a more aggresive alarm plays. 

We have really enjoyed using the Owlet monitor for the past few weeks, I can sleep better knowing I have an alarm that I can wake up to and using the app is a breeze! it's neat to see her heart rate and oxygen levels and knowing that I can use this monitor and app with my future babies gives me comfort, especially with what we've learned with Navi. 

thank you for stopping by and checking out the Owlet monitor here on my beautiful model Navi ;) she should be featured in my blog posts more often I think :) 

these pictures were taken about two months ago ;) so Navi looks quite young but we do use the Owlet to this day and love it. check out the very special feature on Owlet featuring Navi's story

you can purchase your very own Owlet monitor here :) 

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