.it's called a toque.

today's post is so fun because my little Navi bean is in it! :) I love coordinating with my girl.
Navi's great-great grandma Norma made her this darling hat, she's in Canada and they call the beanies "toques" pronounced like "tukes". I just love it! my mom is Canadian, and I think it's really fun to use words or spell things the way they do there. we plan on taking a trip up in the early spring (we hope) to visit all the Canadian family and have them meet Navi. in the meantime, we"re grateful for Facebook, phones and video recordings! we plan on facetimimg very soon! :)

I have been obsessed with my Hunter boots and want to wear them with everything, I admit I was tempted this past sunday to wear them to church even. haha! 

thanks for stopping over, have a great weekend!! 

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