S T R I P E S . I N . B L O O M: .incorporating key spring pieces.


.incorporating key spring pieces.

prepping my closet for spring

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for me the months between winter and spring are sometimes the trickiest to dress for. it's still chilly out but all the stores are releasing the spring colors so it's really tempting to just jump right in! I'm sharing a few pieces I consider vital to get you through the awkward months of dressing for the inbetween season :) 

one of my absolute favorite things is actually the jacket, it's lightweight and the green is fresh coming from winter, perfect to pair with those rich colors and all the neutral cable knit sweaters underneath

layering scarf and colored hats; these will help make the transition because they add that pop of dimension while offering texture and / or color/pattern. wear these seriously ALL season long! they're great investments! (and who says you can't have more than a few ;) 

this one is a bit more personal ;) but I say go for PINK! shades of blush will act as a nude in most outfits but they pull that feminine vibe that spring brings naturally into your outfit :) I'm seriously googly eyed for these heels! 

what are some key pieces in your wardrobe that get you spring ready?

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